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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Frontier Airlines: The Covid Super Spreader for Puerto Rico

“We’re all in this together.” Those words were bullshit then (see From Your Grade School Principal: Regarding COVID-19), and they are even more hollow now. Nobody gives a shit about his own neighbor (see Stop Going to the Bar Jerks!). People only care about themselves and how they have to go to the barber or believe that wearing a mask is an intrusion on a fundamental right protected by the Constitution. It isn’t. Included in this list of selfish humans are those who are taking trips to Puerto Rico during this pandemic (see Infected Tourists Are Coming to Puerto Rico). Your desire to get away is becoming our problem as the numbers soar here. The Festivus asshole of the month is this guy who refused to wear a mask to a grocery store in Rincon and received swift justice.

While I’m not surprised that people don’t care about spreading Covid (see Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation), I am livid that industries are facilitating the spread by offering discount fares (see Puerto Rico Flight Deal? Stay Away). The latest offender is Frontier Airlines which is offering $11 tickets from, of all ducking places, Orlando.

Flying Frontier is a miserable experience (see Frontier: Rivaling Allegiant For Worst Airline), so maybe people will stay away. But seriously, does Frontier have no shame?  What a callous disregard for human life. Lest there be any doubt by imbeciles who say we need tourists, Puerto Rico is calling for a delay in tourism (see Back on Lockdown in Puerto Rico).

Everyone should stay home or, at the least, stay away. You are not welcome here.

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Frontier: Low fares to spread death.


  1. You live in a leftist-controlled paradise, so you must be frustrated that your personal ideology won’t allow you to criticize the P.R. government. “Calling for a delay in tourism” is meaningless without the force of law behind it. They have the power to shut it down if they actually want to. But it looks like they don’t. So instead of shouting into space telling people not to come to P.R., talk to your elected officials. You’re bringing attention to low fares that people probably weren’t even aware of.

    FYI, I’m in driving distance of MCO. Just like with Frank Costanza and Del Boca Vista, I am now going to take one of those cheap flights to your neck of the woods not because I want to, but for spite!

    • Don’t even reference del Boca Vista. This is like Tuscany, nothing is available.

      The government is incompetent here and are responsible for letting tourists in. So there goes your point on that.

      Also, how am I shouting into space? You heard the message.

      10k visitors were coming daily as opposed to 500 during lockdown. Clearly people knew about the deals.

      Everything you said is bullshit. I’d love for you to say it to my face but we can zoom about it instead.

  2. Your tirade of a post is a disgrace. Spirit, American, and Southwest are all equally fighting to inspire leisure travel in the US, which in turn brings along the virus spread. TX, FL, and CA are all benefiting from this tourism, but then people get infected and bring it back home. Why are they not guilty but yet Frontier is the devil? #Karen

  3. Maybe your grief should be with the leftist government of Puerto Rico allowing it to happen and not a private company trying to stay in business. You also seem like the type that is angry people go for a haircut but encourage rioting.

    • There’s enough grief to go around so your suggestion is misguided.

      And do I seem that way? You seem uneducated. How else can you explain such a baseless comment?

    • If it was as leftist as you say, maybe we wouldn’t be having the government in cahoots with all these American businesses..

      Rather than left or right, we have an oligarchical society where its elite enjoy such a high quality standard of life at the expense of us common folk living an mediocre to shit lifestyle, and I haven’t seen any American company complaining about that other than the raise of our minimum wage decreasing the profit they can make from us.

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