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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation

The President of the United States is a liar. Do not believe anything he says. Those who push his lies are just as awful. Do not listen to anything they say. Social distance yourself from those people. Lies and propaganda are more dangerous than any pandemic. I still have no idea if the world is overreacting to this or not doing enough. I don’t know if I was paranoid or prudent to Lysol my credit card after picking up food from the drive-thru (see Have We Become a Society of Wimps Addicted to Drama?).

The only advice I will heed from the President is the following: “Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening.” I will apply that advice to anything that comes from this administration and to anyone who perpetuates this misinformation by repeating it. This leaves me in a precarious position. How will I know when I can go to the gym again? How will I know when I can stand within six feet of someone again? How will I know when I can travel? A few months ago if someone asked me those questions, I would’ve called them a survivalist nut. Today, like my Lysol inquiry, I don’t know if those are reasonable concerns.

Following September 11th, the government used the fear of its people to pass the Patriot Act. Civil liberties were taken away, and many Americans felt that protecting the American people justified invasions of privacy. It seems inevitable that this pandemic will lead to more government intrusion in the name of public safety. China is already implementing such measures (see Color Code? China’s Way to Measure Contagion Risk). While that might seem sensible, that cannot become the new normal in the United States. Anyone who counters otherwise should be met with skepticism. Social distance yourself from those people.

Natural disasters occur, pandemics spread, and man-made disasters happen. There is no disputing that. Facts should not be disputed because facts cannot be disputed. When you come across people who attempt to twist the truth, social distance yourself from those people. With no audience, they can do no damage.

Until the all-clear is given by Dr. Fauci, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and leave rum for Jobu. Someone on social media told me that is the only way to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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In TPOL you can trust, sort of.


  1. Fauci direct fucking quotes from his emails to Hillary Clinton you TDS dipshit:

    “I love her more than ever”
    “we all love her”

    Thanks for clarifying exactly where you stand.

    Pathetic virtue-signalling scav.

  2. Seriously get off boarding area. But keep your own blog where are you and your minions can act like you’re the smartest guys in the room. You bring no added value to this whatsoever

    • But I get readers like you to read. Virtually social distance is not don’t like what I write. Seems easy to do.

  3. And I mean that honestly. You don’t have to agree with Gary Leff you don’t always have to agree with Lucky but at least they add insight to the whole travel experience. You’re just like the millennials on the beach screaming look at me look at me. Your a well-traveled guy I know you have a lot of insight but you just come across so freaking glib all the time

    • I appreciate your condescending constructive criticism. You also believe censorship is the solution e.g., get off boarding area rec.

      I don’t get the Gary or Lucky reference. I write about different topics. You don’t have to read it.

      • Fair enough. My first comment wasn’t cool. I’ve read your stuff for a while and just giving you my two cents. That’s why you have comments allowed on your blog.
        Boarding area is comprised of 90% of good tips insights etc. which you have added to. Quite a bit actually. But you’ve seem to have gotten away from that. Just my opinion..which is meaningless.
        I’m done. I’ll continue to read. And if I disagree I’ll just smile and shake my head. Well… maybe a comment or two. But it’ll be constructive.
        Stay safe

  4. I’m really not sure I understand you on this. You call the President a liar and to not listen to him yet you build a case for social distancing and precautions however just a few days ago you raked Trump over the coals about travel bans that he put into place to protect us. It is just political with you or did you have a change of heart somehow. Sorry but it just seems odd.

    • It is not political. It is objective. He has lied repeatedly. Remember when this was a hoax? Anyone who wants a test can get a test? Here’s a nice list of lies. Please tell me where the reporting is false.

      Recall that the travel ban didn’t include the UK at first. That was political. We also didn’t inform our allies before the ban. That was political. It also came too late. Corona was here. The government knew about it for months and did nothing. Sound familiar? “Bin Laden determined to strike in the US.”

      My social distancing argument is to stay away from those that spread lies. I’m not talking about literal social distancing. If someone is a liar or spreads lies, no one should listen to that person. When that person is the President of the United States and there is a deadly pandemic, that is a big problem.

      Look at the angry comments. It’s just people mad at me personally because they have no rational argument. Criticize the substance of what I wrote or advance the discussion. Otherwise, fade into Bolivia with Mike Tyson.

  5. Keep your political garbage off boarding area. Just like Hillary, you are still in a 3 year temper tantrum. It must suck to be you.

    • Yes it’s awful to be me. I’ll post what I want to post. You can read or not. You can comment or not. Try saying something substantive

  6. “Those who push his lies or are complicit in denouncing his lies are just as awful.”

    That sentence doesnt mean what i think you meant it to mean.

    All this crap and there are people who still want to kiss trump’s ass. The next Democrat president needs to understand these people are unreachable, treat them as unamerican and create policy without them in mind.

  7. It’s your blog and you can write what you want, Just like I can choose which blogs are a waste of my time.

    But why be such a total ass in your replies? Maybe too much rum. or too little.

    • I just call people out on nonsense directly. Coming at me with cheeky comments are met head on with a direct response.

      Do you see me calling people names? No. I critique their shallow remarks not their character.

  8. Rum or whiskey or whisky, I stand by my post. I stand by my comments. We deserve to know the truth so we can deal with it. If someone spreads lies, they should be metaphorically quarantined.

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