What’s a Travel Blog Without Travel?


I book. I cancel. I rebook. I cancel. I hope to be done writing about those cancellations (see Share Your Favorite Corona Photo: Win a Flight to Puerto Rico!). I want to focus on actual travel. The problem with this approach is that there is always new news on the C word. What’s a travel blogger to do without travel? What’s TPOL to do if I can’t plot imaginary trips? I have no answers. I used to enjoy checking my points balances and letting my mind wander as to where I could go with all these points. Now, I don’t see the point of doing that. The one advantage of not going anywhere is catching up on Trip Reports, but looking at pictures of those good times makes me more distressed as to the current situation. It seems like it will be many months before travel goes back to normal. Here’s to hoping that I’m wrong.

TPOL stuck in no travel prison.


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