TPOL Cancels NY, Dow Doesn’t Plunge


Yesterday, I wrote that fares were too cheap to pass on a business trip to NY. Today, I read de Blasio’s warning to avoid crowded subways. I made the decision to postpone my trip until the hysteria dies down. According to angry readers, my action will cripple the economy.

This pandemic reminds me of my obsession with tracking Hurricane Dorian last year while I was living in Shanghai. Ultimately, nothing happened and I swore never to check another radar again. If a hurricane is coming and I’m not here, it’ll either hit my place or it won’t.

Perhaps the same will come of coronavirus, and the doomsday scenario will not come to fruition. However, it can’t be ignored that many people have already died and we still have no idea what will happen next. Unlike weather or terrorism, which is more isolated and more random, this seems to be everywhere. For those that say the risk is being exaggerated, I respond by saying Italy is shutdown! That’s a country, not a ballpark or concert.

Last time, I was blasted for recommending that people do not travel. As people should do what they like, I’ll scale back that recommendation by saying don’t travel here. We have enough drama in Puerto Rico. I can already see the dramatic headline: Puerto Rico unprepared as coronavirus ravages island thanks to TPOL telling people not to travel here who then do so anyway just for spite.

It really sucks that the Freddie’s in New Orleans were cancelled.


  1. I’m just disappointed that you would put any merit into what comes out of DeBlasio’s mouth. The issue is not catching the respiratory virus, it’s getting stuck somewhere you don’t want to be for a lengthy period of time and not being allowed to leave. Unless PR is able to quarantine itself from the mainland I don’t see you getting stuck here. For sure I would not go to certain foreign countries right now unless I was sure I could get back.

    What’s this garbage about cruise ships killing the environment? You’re going soft down there in the tropics.

    • Getting any flu sucks. I don’t have time for the common cold let alone corona. I did just book carnival in Jamaica for next month. All rooms were sold out until now, though I won’t post formally about it until I actually go.

      Cruises suck.

  2. I though you were living in Armenia for some months. Is that already done?

    If you go to Kingston for carnival, it’ll be interesting to see if the reputation for extreme violence is fact or hype.

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