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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Thank You Delta: Coronavirus Waiver

Yesterday, I thanked American Airlines for allowing me to cancel my basic economy flight. My next call was the Delta. Like American, Delta let me cancel simply by saying I don’t want to fly because of coronavirus concerns. Like American, the trip didn’t qualify for cancellation. I booked it way back in January, but Delta made the exception with no fuss. Delta even refunded the $44 upgrade to premium economy (something I tried to book to trigger the Amex credit).

I have only one essential work trip to New York coming up. Besides that, I am following my own advice and staying home (see Travel Or Stay Inside? TPOL’s Thoughts on Coronavirus). I recommend you do the same.

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Glad I was able to cancel but I wonder when I will take to the skies again.


  1. Flying has been 100% normal. Youre not going to get Corona Virus. The media (like you) is freaking everyone out. Stay in your homes!!!! haha Enjoy life sir. You still drive your car?You know more people will die today in their cars than Corona Virus has killed in 2 months. The world has lost all common sense.

  2. Wtf… you are a travel blogger telling everyone to stay home. Yeah help this economy crash. Dont drive might get in a accident, dont go to the gym might die working out, curl up and …

  3. Didn’t tell anyone to do shit. Do what you want to do.

    TPOL crashes the economy by blogging! That’s a good headline. Cuz I’m that powerful. Are you kidding? Now that’s a real influencer if that happened.

  4. Wait, “you didn’t tell anyone to do shit” minus the last line of this nonsensical post where you recommend everyone stay home. You’re a fool and this blog has always spewed garbage

    • It is a recommendation, it is not an order. I also recommend you don’t read the blog if you think it spews garbage, wouldn’t want to get any on such a nice person like yourself.

  5. thepointsoflfe… yes each and every member of the media is full of absolute shit. You are a member of the media. People think you know something. As mentioned above I am just a blog reader that knows nothing.

    The media causes false fears, false perceptions and false drama. If you do not believe that, so be it. You can travel, cruise, go out have fun and your chances of dieng are way higher in many other categories than “catching the Corona virus” or getting quarantined. Remember, the media LOVES this shit. a few cruise ships are quarantined, a few thousand people of the billion that are travelling and the media wants everyone to believe that may happen to them. Most people would rather die while they are dead. I guess I’d rather die while im living.

  6. I’m chime in with some support. Thank you for notifying me that Delta is willing to do this and make exceptions. Because I have a Delta flight in April to France that I may cancel or adjust. Like the author, I’m not worried about getting sick, me and my family are healthy individuals. However, I’m not going to risk being in a museum in France and having my kid get sick and forced into isolation, or me or my wife, or get quarantined (they’ve done it in Spain and Italy and other areas, where literally an entire building of people are getting stuck in place). I’m not willing to risk that in a country I don’t speak the language. Not to mention if the Louvre ends up closing again, Disneyland Paris, or any of those touristy places – what’s the point in going. I’m an adult and will make my own decisions for me and my family based on what I’m comfortable knowing the risks of and can make a choice based on that. From a pure reason I read blogs standpoint – this helped me know details of Delta’s potential precedent they are setting that I may be able to take advantage of as well. so thanks TPOL.

    • Thank you for the comment. Notifying readers of Delta’s flexibility was the point of the post. I can provide my recommendations and my insight but ultimately people should do whatever they want to do.

      There’s a lot of travel stuff I do or like that others may or may not do. Who actually basis whether they will go somewhere or not exclusively on my recommendation? That’s a bit strange.

      I’m assuming Disney Paris will be there when all this calms down. If it was nothing, then you’ve lost nothing. If it was something, then glad we passed on it.

  7. People think if you fly and travel you have a higher chance of getting Corona Virus than if you stay home and go to the Grocery store / go out to eat etc…. TPOL has joined the rest of the media in instilling fear sharing travel waivers inspiring those to cancel travel plans. I agree everyone can do as they wish just whatever you do try to come to basic common sense conclusions and avoid the media.

    • Ryan, you are spreading disinformation yourself. Let me repeat myself again since you are not reading the actual words I am writing. I do not believe that the flight is more risky than going to the grocery store. I am in support of social distancing, washing hands, and not going to big events right now. If you want to go to Ultra in Miami or March Madness in Vegas, go. I will pass out of an abundance of precaution. If I’m wrong and the whole thing was blown out of proportion, I, like I said, will have spent my days golfing, having lost nothing.

  8. Glad Delta accommodated and let you cancel and thanks for sharing. I called AA yesterday to cancel a non-refundable flight to London next weekend and was told I was out of luck. No credit or anything. Wish I was as good as you on the phone!

  9. thanks for the info, I called Delta trying to cancel my reservation today after reading your post, but they are asking $150 per ticket to redeposit miles, oh well i will try again tomorrow.

    • Really? I didn’t even get into a long explanation. I should I don’t want to travel because of Corona virus. They said hold on while we process your refund.

  10. I have a convention in Vegas at the end of the month. I don’t go often anymore, since Vegas has worked hard to destroy value for years now, but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it’s not cancelled.

  11. We tried to cancel and get a refund for trip to Japan on Delta in April which we booked last November, and they would not Refund it. They waived the change fee and said we could rebook to travel before November, but would not refund.
    My husband is 80 years old. The person we talked to canceled the trip I think by mistake, now there is no credit, no receipt, nothing! We are waiting a call back. We’re out $2650.00. We will tell them about your experience!

  12. Airlines employ millions worldwide, mostly the basis of this hack blog, and you get up here and write about how you are canceling your flights outside of the policies, have mentioned no health issues you have, and are proud you got your money back as the industry you claim to love is horribly hurting. Give me a break.

  13. I appreciate the waivers, however every airline is talking about all their cleaning of planes. I took four flights this weekend and two two weeks ago and there was zero cleaning of the planes. It doesn’t help to “fog “ clean them in the evening. They should be wiped down completely in between each flight or at least provide customers with wipes to do it themselves.

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