Share Your Favorite Corona Photo: Win a Flight to Puerto Rico!


Coronavirus has brought out the worst in blog commentators (see Thank You Delta: Coronavirus Waiver). It also has me canceling all my flights (see TPOL Cancels NY, Dow Doesn’t Plunge). Corona, the beer, on the other hand, brings out the best in people. Because I have no plans on leaving PR in the near feature and because I would love to have a a TPOL fan come out here to play a round of golf or an angry reader come out here and talk shit in-person, I am offering a one-way ticket to the person who has taken the best photo of Corona the cerveza.

Because I am a lawyer, I must include terms:

  • Blog readers will decide which photo is best based on photos submitted by readers.
  • All pictures must be received by 11:59 PM March 12th Pacific Time.
  • Voting will take place on March 13th and close on at 11:59PM on March 15th.
  • Person submitting photo must own the copyright rights for that photo i.e., don’t send me official photos from Corona the company.
  • Fare capped at the Jetblue points equivalent of $48.
  • Winner is not staying at my villa.
  • Winner does have to meet up but is not compelled to play golf.
  • Winner cannot cancel the trip without paying me $48 if there isn’t a coronavirus waiver. Why should I waste my points for a flaky participant?
  • Winner has one year to redeem.

I’m assuming the trolls won’t answer because they, for all their talk, are probably in hiding themselves (and probably not because of coronavirus).

Here is my corona picture, email me yours to alexander at thepointsoflife dot com.

#findyourbeach #findyourmask #donttouchyourface

Will be hard to beat this one from Georgetown Lake, Montana.




  1. I vote for the above picture of the beers in the snow. If you win your own contest does that mean you can’t stay at your own villa?

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