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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Describe Trump’s Travel Ban: It’s Stupid

To all the outraged blog commentators that slammed me for killing the economy by cancelling my Delta flight, I ask where’s the outrageous on what our President has just done? Banning travel from Europe for non-Americans is utterly stupid. I don’t know why I have to explain the obvious, but some ignoramus may think it’s a good idea and may actually read this. The chances of convincing said person that I’m right is less than zero, but maybe I can prompt that person to give me a reason why I’m wrong.

First, the virus is already here. Blaming Europe or China or space invaders by issuing a travel ban doesn’t solve the problem. Second, look at the Dow. Can you say calamity? Presidents are supposed to calm the markets, not set fire to them. Third, US citizens can still fly from Europe. Luckily, they won’t bring in coronavirus because they are American.

The world needs collaboration. It doesn’t need fragmentation. The world needs pragmatism. It doesn’t need politics. The world needs a leader. It doesn’t need Trump.

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  1. Don’t confuse me with being a Trump supporter as I am not but I live in Florida. 17 of the 21 cases diagnosed in Florida are travel related with most connected to Europe. We don’t need more travel related cases while trying to fight community spread. It may be time we all reduced exposure and give social distancing a chance to work.

    • The last sentence makes sense. The rest doesn’t. Was it the dirty Europeans who brought the virus? Or is it possible that Americans who traveled to Europe brought it? Blaming people is the beginning of the end of civility.

  2. Give me a break. For weeks all I’ve heard is people saying Trump/CDC are the problem and everyone critical of Trump doesn’t have a suggestion of their own to help curb the spread of the virus.

    People love to harp on about testing, but by the time you are showing signs, it’s already too late as you have likely spread it to other people. There is a reason up to 50 million Americans get the flu every year.

    People love to give Trump cr@p about the original travel ban from China, but it was right, and it did help slow down the inevitable spread. The spread here in the US isn’t nearly as bad on a per million basis than in basically every country in Europe.

    It’s time for people to act like adults. And that is to stop blaming and panicking and to start being more responsible and considerate of others. That means washing your d@mn hands. That means quarantining yourself if you have symptoms. That’s means alerting other people you have been in contact with the previous week if you are coming down with symptoms. That means coughing into your elbow, and not your hand and then touching everything.

    I’m tired of the immature, childish responses and attitudes from people. Right now, we are in it together. It’s up to all of us to start being responsible. If more people self quarantined after they visited a high risk country, this outbreak would have spread, much, much slower. Apparently it’s the President’s fault that people aren’t quarantining/breaking quarantining when they feel symptoms coming on.

    Grow up– stop playing the blame game and start to be responsible for your actions.

    22 million people were infected with the Swine Flu in 2009. Did you blame Obama for that too? No. Viruses are hard to stop if people aren’t responsible. Barring the USA welding shut everyone into their homes, it’s up to the people to be responsible.

    Crapping on Trump or whinging about a travel ban accomplishes NOTHING.

    • Just pipe down you Trump supporting idiot. Once your orange moron is in jail hopefully people like you will crawl back up your own asses.

      Oh… didn’t you listen to Trump playing a stupid uneducated “blame game”

      I cannot wait for Trump to put where he belongs and rednecks like you will finally be put in your place with him.

      • Ok. Attacking each other resolves nothing. I do agree that the President shouldn’t be blaming Europe and take accountability for his failure to act. He did put Pence in charge! What a joke.

      • Sure Andy, as if your lefty alzheimer’s candidate would be a better president. Trump could cure cancer and hateful leftists like you will still bitch about him. Give it a rest, about half of the country DISAGREES with you. And you too, TPOL.

        • Yeah, the travel ban is dumb. But if he didn’t close out travel from China, we’d have more cases than Europe. You just hate Trump and cannot be objective (something to keep in mind when reading your blog). Oh, and clearly you don’t know squat about infectious diseases either. Stick to travel.

        • It’s too late. That’s the point. Where was the preparation? Your only argument is I hate Trump. I voted for Trump and now I don’t support him because he is incompetent. At least I can admit when I make a mistake.

          And I didn’t say I am an expert in infectious diseases but I can ask informed people and draw conclusions based on their expert opinion.

          Your boy Trump just has a hunch.

          Would love to stick to travel but I am not going anywhere. Luckily my law firm does everything online. I’ll stick to that. Thank you for your nonsense comment based on emotion.

        • TPOL, of all of the major countries in the world, the US still has a very low infection rate. By major, I mean those nations that have a large population, healthy economy and see a lot of business activity, tourists, students, etc. The infection rates in Europe were higher, earlier – despite the fact that the US normally sees a lot more interaction with China and the Asian rim. Which is why (foreign) travelers who’ve been there recently will not be allowed in. So, I’d say that the administration did not do everything wrong; or, maybe every other country made even worse mistakes. None have been successful in keeping this out. And test kits don’t grow on trees. It takes time to ramp this up.

          Don’t buy the media hype. Not sure what the US could have done better. The frantic reporting builds viewers and they really do hate Trump and come at this with that bias. By the way, you could still go to Europe and come home too – you just have to go through screening on the way back and figure out how to catch a flight from the paltry choices. Which is because the media have everyone scared to death that they’ll drop dead as soon as they enter a public place.

        • The media doesn’t have me scared of anything. Ignoring actual news is ignorant. Italy is on lock down for a reason. People are actually dead.

          Test kits don’t grow on trees? We knew this was coming for months. We did nothing proactively. We have tested next to no one compared to South Korea. This is the United States of America. Surely, we should be leading the charge in combating this virus.

          You’re not sure what the US can do better? You have to be joking. Again, the US did nothing to prepare. That’s like failing an exam epically because you didn’t study and saying, onward and upward.

          We need a leader who tells the truth so we can know what we are facing. I have a a ‘hunch’ that this dotard won’t be that leader much longer.

    • Oh capital letters at the end. That’s very Trump of you.

      I agree with your message but still doesn’t mean the travel ban is a good idea. It does nothing.

  3. Trump is a pathetic excuse for a racist xenophobic douchebag from the bowels of… well… just bowels really.

    Vote him out USA…. vote the scumbag out. Then put him in jail. Please.

    Love a UK citizen speaking for the world. (And the planet/ environment)

  4. But, but, but we are the only country with beautiful testing kits (just a minor detail though that nearly not enough for a meaningful percentage of the population) and also, only we have a president whose uncle was a smart scientist…

    BTW, that half of the country likes trump proves that half of the country is made up of uneducated imbeciles (but we already knew that just by looking at the hillbillies in alabama, tennessee, mississippi, etc).

    And he can’t cure cancer, he can’t even avoid bankrupting his businesses.

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