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Friday, July 19, 2024
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An Expat Quarantine Experience in Shanghai

I read this article on Smart Shanghai. It details a foreigner who was put in a hotel after a flight back to China as a preventative measure against coronavirus. The experience shows the lengths the government has gone to combat an outbreak.

I can’t imagine this happening in the US. First, we are not organized enough to execute such a plan. Second, if someone called me and said that the quarantine ambulance is on the way, I’d be asking for a court order before I gave up my freedom. Third, I’d ask if I could use my points to stay in a nicer hotel. Surely, Titanium Platinum would receive better breakfast than the poor guy in this article.

“Give me liberty, or give me death.” At some point Americans won’t tolerate government intervention even if it means they’re at risk. Self quarantine is reasonable. Packing my bags and being put in lockdown ‘for my own good’, not so much. At least the person in the article was savvy enough to bring a bottle of liquor.

Where this all goes, no one knows. I will continue to advise that people Social Distance Themselves from Misinformation (which now includes ignorant angry ramblings in the comments section).

Until then, do your best to find your beach.

a beach with a body of water and clouds
No one around for miles.

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