Puerto Rico Flight Deal? Stay Away


People keep messaging me that there are insane fares to Puerto Rico right now. I am not going to republish them because I do not want you to come to Puerto Rico.

Permanent residents of the Hamptons in New York are complaining that people from the city may overrun their communities by coming to their vacation homes during this pandemic (see Hamptons Leaders Appeal for Travel Restrictions to the Area Amid Influx of New Yorkers). Those who live ‘Up North’ in Michigan are telling fellow Michiganders not to go to their cabins (see Up North Michigan residents to everyone else: Please don’t come here). And now I’m telling anyone who is thinking about Puerto Rico not to come. And I’m not saying please.

Everyone should stay in their homes while this saga continues to unfold. Puerto Rico does not have the infrastructure to deal with a surge in local cases, let alone an outbreak from those who come from areas that have been drastically affected. To make matters worse, passengers are taking medicine during their flights to Puerto Rico to lower their body temperature in an effort to get past the National Guard (see Puerto Rico seeks ban on flights from US COVID-19 hot spots). Some of those passengers subsequently tested positive for Covid and ended up in Puerto Rican hospitals. How’s that for a way to spend your vacation?

In the spring of 2021 when there is a vaccine or when there is an actual understanding of what the hell is going on, whichever comes first, (see Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation), I will personally pick you up from the airport. Until then, stay away.

Find your beach somewhere else.


  1. Most of the JetBlue deals still out there are set for October to January. It will be a different situation at that point. Even the “book by May 31st” deals are 6 weeks out. I get that people shouldn’t do non-essential flying right now but booking a deal to SJU in say November seems like a good plan.

    • I’m not booking anything until 2021. I don’t have any idea if things will be better or worse by the fall. If the incompetence continues, I expect November will be right around the time of the second peak. Then we will have the same issue as before.

      Get the damn testing! Tell us who is susceptible and let us get back to life.

  2. I’m traveling every week in the USA.

    Why don’t you do what’s right for you, and let adults make their own decisions about how to live their lives.

    It’s getting sooooo annoying being told by other people what to do.
    Just keep silence, please. We don’t need any more opinions by bloggers on what to do.

    People are free. We have brains. We have logic. Stop talking to your audience like we’re children.

  3. Although I agree that you shouldn’t take a vacation right now (i.e. if you don’t have a home in Puerto Rico, don’t go there), I find the demands from Hampton and Northern Michigan ridiculous. Oh, so it’s OK for homeowners to prop up your property values and pay your property taxes, but going to *their* homes is discouraged? Do those cities waive the property taxes? No? Do those cities clean and fix up these properties? No? Then shut the yap.

    (Side note: the comparison is ridiculous, btw. It’s one thing to go to somewhere unrelated to you to escape the city. That’s a clear no no. It’s another thing to go to a property you own, pay taxes for, pay upkeep, etc. That’s *your* home, as much as the home you live in the city. If you are indeed staying inside the home or vehicle and keep distance, you should be allowed to choose which home to stay within)

    • So much for ‘we’re all in it together.’ We’re all in it together unless you have the means to get away from ‘it’. The problem is that these vacation towns would not be able to handle the volume if there was an outbreak. And a big reason why there would be an outbreak is because people unknowingly are bringing the virus with them to those places.

      In PR, I live in a golf community. It’s a second home for the majority of people. Those people either live in San Juan metro or in the US. Lately, more and more people have been coming here to get away from the masses. I would rather they didn’t come for the same reasons but I can’t do anything but keep my distance.

      The bigger point is that the privileged have the capabilities to leave and those who can’t have to stay and endure. As an economist and capitalist, I agree that it’s my house, I should be able to go. But maybe it’s time for me to stop being so selfish.

  4. Out here in Hawaii, we’re struggling with the same thing, Despite the mandatory quarantine for all arrivals, and despite many hotels being closed, many are still arriving every day for vacation because of cheap airfare. That, of course, puts all of us that call Hawaii home at higher risk – especially with our aging population. But, people that arrive here with nowhere to stay are getting arrested for breaking the executive orders, which is placing a larger burden on our jails and law enforcement. People need to stay the hell away for now and let things recover first. Heck, our legislature is trying to figure out ways to physically restrict people from coming.

      • Yup. Same here. It doesn’t help that we’re seeing an increase in homeless either choosing to relocate here on their own right now, or their home states buying them a one-way ticket here too. As if the homeless problem wasn’t already bad enough here! Add to that that 22% of our workforce is now without work… Yeah… Not good.

  5. Fake news about us “Up Northers”. Everyone I speak to has absolutely no problem with folks coming up to self quarantine in their cabins.

    The fear “Plandemic” has been exposed for what it is as will the vaccination scam to come. Sorry you can’t see it. The truth must be learned, never told.

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”
    – Benjamin Franklin

    • Good get rid of him! He’s useless. Ive said he should be fired years ago. How about juwan losing two 5 stars?

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