Frontier: Rivaling Allegiant For Worst Airline


Did I mention that this was horrible trip from Montana to New York. Sucked in by a cheap price, I tricked myself into believing that flying Frontier would be tolerable. The journey began from Montana to Denver with a twelve-hour layover. I’m happy I was able to break up the trip before hopping back on the bus after a stint at the United Club. Here’s why:

  • The seats do not recline, at all.
  • The tray table, an impromptu pillow, is tiny. This makes sense because everything, including a Diet Coke is a charge.
  • The armrest is wobbly. Every few seconds, some passenger was flipping it up or down. I can’t figure out where else I have heard that annoying rattling sound.
  • The flight attendants feel the need to make an announcement at the top of their lungs. They really pushed the 40k Frontier Barclays card.
  • Is it worth repeating that the seats are horribly uncomfortable?

I left Montana on Saturday at 9PM and did not arrive in New York until 5PM the next day. Time is money so I must not value my time. To be fair, the alternative is to pay triple the price to fly Delta.

Looking rough before boarding


  1. None of these things should have been surprises, they are all highly published. As long as you have the right expectations about what the product is that you will receive, Frontier can be a good value. I personally love that the seats do not recline, so the person in front of me isn’t reclining their seat into me. If you didn’t want such a long layover, why b

  2. You’re not very astute for a “travel blogger” as acting surprised at the hard and soft products of Frontier are well known.

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