United Club Denver: Getting My Passes’ Worth


Flying Frontier is a bad idea. The seats are tiny, there’s no IFE, and everything is a fee. With a layover in Denver, I knew that I needed some drinks to get me through this rough patch. I had two World of Hyatt United passes that did not specify that I had to be flying United to use the lounge.

With an hour before the bus was due to leave for LaGuardia, I entered the lounge and made my way to the bar. Before commencing my binge, I snapped a few pictures of the lounge to fulfill my blogger duties.

I truly believe that United is the worst of the three major carriers. Delta has its carrots, celery, and hummus. AA has its views. But United has nothing special. Even Gary would be appalled by the croissants, clearly not PH Paris-Vendome worthy or even Hyatt House worthy.

After creeping out other passengers by taking photos, I went back to the bar. Breakfast consisted of two beers, one Bloody Mary, and one vodka soda. Confident, I left the lounge for Frontier’s bus terminal.


  1. Pretty sure UA has carrots, celery, and hummus anytime after 11am…same as DL and AA. And that fruit/granola/yogurt spread looks decent. Hope you at least bothered to tip the bar tender.

  2. At least they let you in. Unlike that bullshit at O’Hare where they didn’t let in pass holders cause it was “under construction”. They were priority pass before priority pass was good at ripping you off for your $450 annual fee and not delivering on lounge access.

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