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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Air Canada Lounge Toronto: How Do You Mess up a Bagel?

Air Canada Lounge Review Toronto is part of the Bula! Fiji Hub Trip Report. This post is also part of the Melbourne & Bangkok Residencies.

Here are some fundamental life questions addressed to Air Canada:

The answer to the first, as my Canadian cousin told me, is very simple: It’s Air Canada. The answer to the second, I could not figure out while I was waiting for my flight to Vancouver to board and cannot figure out now while I write this post.

a bagel sandwich and a soda can on a table
The egg mcmuffin wasn’t made with love either.

Thankfully, there was Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

a group of cans of soda

And for my lovers of sweets, there was Canadian Maple Syrup.

a syrup bottle on a plate

But there was no beer this early in the morning.

a row of beer taps on a counter

a shelves of soda cans
Leading me back to refreshments.


This was literally a stale lounge.

a sign on a wall
Don’t let the fancy French translation fool you, this was pas très bien.





  1. One might add that while Air Canada has one of the worst major airline punctuality records in North America – fellow Canadian airline WestJet being the worst – both airlines have the misfortune to route much of their traffic through Toronto international Airport (CYYZ). This airport is a perennial “worst-in-the-world” title holder so WestJet & Air Canada are not entirely to blame. Mind you my wife & I have a 100% “not-even-close” record with both airlines over the last year (four flights each), with no flights going from, to or through CYYZ. Both airlines maintain & fly their aircraft splendidly, so go figure.

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