Monday, February 6, 2023

Hyatt Regency Toronto: Please Don’t Devalue!

If you're looking to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle, stay at the Hyatt Regency Toronto.

The Finer Things: Where to Eat & Drink in Toronto

Eat & Drink Toronto is part of the TPOL in Canada Trip Report. Kawhi wanted to go home. Had he stayed in Toronto he could have had food and drink, among other things, for free. ...

St. George Toronto Hotel Review: Great Location in The 6

Another night, another stay certificate. This time it was IHG. With the expiration date approaching on this last cert under the old rules, I looked for the best option in my immediate travel plans.

Transport Toronto: How to Get Around The North

Transport Toronto is part of the TPOL in Canada Trip Report. Some cities like Sydney have great transport to and from the airport. Other cities, like NYC, have awful transport. Toronto Pearson is somewhere in the...

The Park Hyatt Toronto: Sadly Disappointing

One of two things must be true: 1) I am getting spoiled in my old points age. 2) The Park Hyatt brand is so strong that it is easy to spot an impostor.I'm going to go with number two though I will let you decide if you agree with me by comparing the Park Hyatt Toronto with the following...

Overview: Glacier National Park & Calgary Stampede

As much as TPOL loves Shanghai and Hong Kong, sometimes it is nice to get off the beaten path and explore somewhere new. It makes for a great adventure and more interesting writing. The mission...

Pho Sho, Fu Uh Sho: The Top Ten Places to Get Pho!

Phở or pho (pronounced variously as /fʌ/, /fə/, /fər/, or /foʊ/ so please stop messaging me that it's not pronounced pho! I get it, we all get it but choose to remain ignorant for the...

#3: Thanks Pho the Memories Tdot

The best thing about a yummy bowl of pho is who you go with to eat that yummy bowl. I'm not sure how the tradition began but every time I went to Toronto to...
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