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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Priority Pass Toronto: You’re Too Close Man!

Priority Pass Toronto Lounge Review is part of the TPOL in Canada Trip Report.

people standing in a hallway

Add the Plaza Premium Lounge (USA Transborder) to the list of Priority Pass lounges that should be avoided (see Priority Pass Jakarta Lounge Review: Yuck). Here’s why:


What is this slop? The eggs look hardened. The sausage is a bucket of grease. The salad is splat of mayonnaise.a trays of food on a counter pans of food in a row on a counter a plate of food on a table


Your’re too close man!

The seating is tight. Not only is it too full, but also each seat is right on top of the other. To add to that, there was an oblivious parent with three of her kids crying and whining in this confined area (see Should Kids Be Allowed in The Hotel Lounge?). Because there were so many people in close proximity, I felt uncomfortable taking my usual candid lounge photos. Here’s all I got:people sitting in chairs in a room with luggage


My only solace from the noise and bad food would’ve been alcohol. Too bad the bar was not open. I need to start scheduling later flights.Priority Pass Toronto Lounge Review


I couldn’t deal with people standing too close to my hot fire. I went to the gate and peacefully slept there.




  1. Let’s face it, most lounges in northern America are noisy zoos to be avoided. Why do Americans especially have to shout at each other and have the TV at max volume? Many a time spouse and I will get fed up and go and sit at the quieter gate. They even make the various QF zoos look good. If I can find a CX lounge, even if it is a minor lounge at the terminal, that is where I will go.

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