Priority Pass Jakarta Lounge Review: Yuck


The Priority Pass Jakarta Lounge Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

I flew Malindo Air from Jakarta to Kota Kinabalu. At CGK’s smaller terminal, I passed the time at the Priority Pass lounge. Obviously, a lounge is better than no lounge but this one was worthless.

The Food 

It was gross. Look at the photos:
priority pass jakarta lounge review 2016-12-25-08-05-38

The Drinks 

No drinks until noon! Unless you count the juice.


The Seating 

There were plenty of places to sit which was good because the terminal was crowded.



I always want to know before I get to the airport what lounges are available but seldom find reviews on smaller ones. Writing these reviews, no matter how brief, may be useful to someone flying out of Jakarta. That person will know to have a beer ahead of getting to the airport in the morning, something I wish I would have done.


    • There are two terminals. Malaysia flies into the nicer one. Malindo is in the terminal of huts. So yeah, low expectations are reasonable.

      • I only flew Cathay Pacific in and out of there. It has been a while since my last time in Jakarta but I used to go there at least 4 times a year for 3 years in a row. My company only allowed me to stay at the Mulia Hotel and I spent most of my time there in meetings. Jakarta is my least favorite of the big cities in SE Asia.

  1. What is the big issue with it? The food looks not fine dining but at least there is food, which is more than many lounges in Europe provide. Plenty of seating which is good, as you mentioned too. Juices are again not top quality but ok. The last point you mention is no alcohol, considering that you’re in a Muslim country and it is early in the morning I am a bit surprised you expected anything at all…

    I honestly don’t see the issue with this lounge, just trying to understand what made it so bad for you

    • I doubt the Muslim country angle had anything to do with the alcohol. I don’t think the religion says alcohol is okay so long as it is served after noon.

      Like I said, a lounge is better than no lounge. There’s no ‘big issue’ with it. I just write the review as part of the story book of the trip report and this is what I thought of it.

      • The ‘Muslim country angle’ is that you are in a terminal and lounge mostly serving to regional flights which have a big muslim crowd. They don’t want alcohol so why put it. Maybe in the afternoon they have more international flights to China or so where people want alcohol so they serve it.

        I absolutely agree that reviews especially for small lounges are helpful but this is not a review tbh. My impression (which might be totally wrong) when I read this was that you wanted to drink, you arrived there, no drinks, you got pissed. Because this is your only point. The food looks fine to me, maybe you don’t like Asian/Indonesia food but that doesn’t make it gross.

        Everything else that should be in a review is missing. What about restrooms? WIFI? Power outlets yes/no/how many? Enough FIDS?

        • Ok buddy, clearly you don’t read my blog or get my tone. I don’t do stereo instruction reviews.

        • Well bro I actually did read some other articles which I found quite nice. Given that you fail to give any reason and seeing how you reply to other comments pointing out the lack of information in this ‘review’ I think you have to work on how you deal with negative feedback.

        • If you don’t see the sarcasm in my responses, then i apologize. Like i said, my point is to compose a scrap book of my trip. I prefer to knock out the simple ones like this quickly in order to move onto posts that are more interesting to write about and hopefully to read about. Criticize away, just know that i will never be the guy who takes 100 pics of the fruit spread.

        • Yeah I indeed don’t see the sarcasm, if there is some supposed to be your other replies don’t make it easy to see it.

          That is great, balance between text, pics and actual content is important and many get that wrong. Sadly too short is as bad as too long, especially when it results in an either unfair review or one that is justified but you fail to make your readers understand why something is just yuck.

        • Well maybe you’ll like the next one. That’s the best I can do. But look at the comments. One guy said it was the worst review ever. It’s not that serious. Ah well.

  2. This is quite possibly the worst review I have ever read on boarding area, lets review your complaints:

    – the food, seems to me much better than the lack of (hot) food commonly found in European and US lounges
    – the drinks; many lounges around the world do not serve alcohol before lunch, two examples off the top of my head would be Air Canada and Virgin Australia lounges
    – seating; seems to me much more spacious than crowded lounges commonly found throughout the rest of the world

    Although this lounge is hardly leading, calling it it ‘worthless’ and tilting it ‘yuck’ is inaccurate.

  3. always a bummer to have to wait until noon. that’s time wasted!

    also, a pet peeve that has nothing to do with you brah. that pic of the sign you posted that says “12:00pm” there is no such thing as 12:00pm. there is no such thing as 12:00am. there is only 12:00 noon. and 12:00 midnight.

  4. By far, the most immature review here in Boarding Area. “Yuck”, “It was gross. Look at the photos.” This looks like this was written by a 7th grader in his Facebook account. You could have been more descriptive on how the food was, rather than having us to judge how gross a food was because of how it looked in your picture.

  5. Food basically seems fine, do you have any more details? I’m not sure what is “yuck” about it.

    Were the restrooms clean at least?

  6. I’ve been to that lounge, and that’s where I suspected eating food that gave me food poisoning on the way back to the US, specifically the cold salad.

    And yes, it’s a fairly basic lounge with nothing to write home about. But at least it’s a hair better than the lounge in Nairobi, Kenya.

    • Where was this response in the hell storm of complaints! Exactly, that’s what I was thinking when I saw the food. It looked suspect. Sorry you got sick but happy you posted.

  7. I was in Jakarta a couple of weeks ago and can say that the Premier Lounge is the best of the priority club lounges. It has a shower, but is a little sketchy. The food was pretty typical for a big lounge, not great but not horrible. The Garuda Indonesia lounge is bigger, but food was pretty bad.

  8. I agree with most negative comments here.

    Your review should be deleted and you never served a beer again anywhere.

    The lounge is for sure not great but also not yuck.

    Next time better just go to the JJ Royal coffee shop in the terminal. They serve beer at all times. But hope not to you.

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