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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Centurion Lounge Dallas: Glad I’m Not Welcome

Centurion Lounge Dallas Lounge Review is part of Freddie Awards to New Orleans Binge Weekend Trip Report which covers:

I didn’t get into the Amex Centurion on the way into Dallas (see Centurion Lounge’s Buzzkill Entry Policy), but I did get to go on the way out. I stand by my assertion that showing up early just to experience the lounge is no longer worth it (see Skipping Airport Lounges with No Regrets).a blue wall with a picture of a man in a hat


The food is better than normal lounges like Delta, but it isn’t exceptional like AA Flagship JFK.a group of food on a stove


Why can’t I get a good bloody mary at an airport anymore? I miss the Alaska Boardroom SEA and Priority Pass San Jose. I ordered a mimosa concoction. It was not very good. Mimosas, like bloodies, don’t have to be overthought. One is tomato juice and vodka. The other is orange juice and champagne. Why is that so difficult?a group of people sitting at a bara glass of liquid with an orange peel a glass of wine and food on a plate


Even with the rule restrictions, the lounge was just like the Centurion SEA : crowded as duck. I parked myself in a seat and didn’t move for the maximum three hours I was allowed to be there.people sitting in a lounge areapeople sitting in a room with a large column and a large window a group of people sitting at tables in a room with a large ceiling a room with chairs and tables


On a positive note, the lounge provided great views of planes coming and airport with airplanes parked on the ground an airplane on the runway


Centurion Lounges no longer impress me. I don’t feel bad that I no longer have my own access to them (see Keep Vs. Cancel: Amex Platinum Charles Schwab) and don’t care to free ride with someone that does. Leave me at the gate, thank you.



  1. I was given nothing for retention so I continued with my cancel. The DFW lounge has only declined and is rarely not overcrowded. I’ll gladly either sit at the gate or hit up Minute Suites or Club lounges for a few minutes, much cheaper cost to me overall. Dropping the card was an easy decision for me to make.

  2. Meowsor. More for us then silly!

    I was “forced” to renew my plat (well, get a new one for the bonus) bc I use the Amex at SFO and Airspace in SAN. Still bitter about the loss of restaurants but whatevs. I’m happy to effectively pay $150/year for uber and lounge access but $350 is insane. Rumor has it that they might hike the fee again :O

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