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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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The Best Airport Bloody Mary

The votes are in and TPOL has spoken. But before I reveal to you the best Bloody Mary at an airport lounge, I should inform you of my vast experience which was needed to make this determination. My tradition anytime I head to a lounge is to order a beer and Bloody Mary. That is followed by an obligatory filtered Instagram post with hashtags ‘tradition, never too early, sunglasses and advil’. I have no Instagram followers but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out my feed to validate my claim.

And with that, I would like to present the award for the best Bloody Mary at an airport lounge to the one served at the Alaska Airline Boardroom SEA near the D gates on the second floor. Usually I only have one but this concoction was so good that I reached my lounge cap of three drinks without wasting any on caloric beer.




  1. Proof that you don’t need good vodka for an acceptable bloody mary. I’ve seen what the BR uses for well drinks (don’t have to pay, their pay drinks use decent stuff), it was Monarch. I’m pretty sure Monarch is also used as paint thinner and engine degreaser.

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