Keep Vs. Cancel: Amex Platinum Charles Schwab


You won’t see me in a Centurion Lounge anytime soon. My $550 annual fee came due on my Amex Platinum Schwab which I opened last year (see Amex Platinum Schwab Approved! No Recon Required). I decided enough was enough with these annual fees. I didn’t receive 1 MR as a retention offer. Instead, the agent went right into the speech. He seemed to take offense that I redeemed the $200 travel credit and now I was canceling. At this point, Ameriprise is the only Platinum left. For nostalgia, here is the Keep Vs. Cancel for every card in the series:

Why am I canceling?

Since 2015, I have been a platinum man and have earned and redeemed hundreds of thousands of points. Now my face has literally been scratched off the card.

Anyone else getting of the platinum series?



  1. I am thinking of canceling my Amex Plat as well. I am a 1K flyer on UAL and I have the United Club Chase. Was thinking about switching to Delta of which the Plat gets me into their lounges. SO, I would be 1K/1MM + on UAL, status match run on Delta, keep Amex Plat and dump United Chase Club @$450 per

  2. I love my AMEX Plat,,,, I also love the AMEX Aspire Hilton Honors card .. Since Marriott Bonvoy screwed up. me being platinum I’ve decided to dump my AMEX SPG and MARRIOTT CHASE FOR these reasons. Hilton I just become a diamond and awarded 5 nights free on points in Maldives and Tahiti…. Conrad…

  3. Good move- Amex is now just one of the crowd and not a top dog any more. I had an Amex card since 1978; and a Platinum for the past 30 years. Finally gave it up last year – couldn’t justify the fee. But, I agreed with the nice lady at Amex to have one of their other “free” cards. They wouldn’t give me one because I have my credit reports locked! Amex wrote most of my credit report and yet their system is so rigid that one part of the company can’t contact another? Now, I am without any Amex cards and don’t miss it. I think your decision to cancel was the right move.

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