Keep Vs. Cancel: Mercedes Amex Platinum (Year 2)


Another year gone by, another annual fee due. Once again, the Mercedes Amex Platinum is on the chopping block. Last year, I went through a thorough analysis of whether I should keep or cancel it. Last year I spent 11k. Last year, I called retention and was presented an offer I couldn’t refuse. I received 15k MRs by spending 2k in 3 months. This year the annual fee went up from $475 to $550. This year I spent 9k. This year the retention offer went down from 15k to 0.

Keep Vs. Cancel may be the name of the post, but there was no debate on this one. Goodbye Mercedes. Hopefully, I have better luck when Amex Platinum, Schwabby Schwab comes due.

No love from Amex despite consistent spend.


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