Amex Benz Platinum Retention Call Success!


Michael W didn’t get a retention offer for his Mercedes Amex Platinum. In fact, he got a scolding. I haven’t had a lot of success with retention calls lately so I had no confidence going into my call. In my Keep vs. Cancel Post Amex Platinum, Benz edition, I could not justify holding on to the card even with the discounted $475 annual fee. To my surprise, the agent offered me either a $100 statement credit or 15,000 MR if I spent 2k in 3 months. The first 5,000 MRs would be instant. The other 10k would come after completing the spend. I accepted the points offer.

Unlike most cards, I use my Platinum frequently. As a frame of reference, I spent 11k on it which is probably why I received a retention offer. Another reader was offered a 30k bonus. I am assuming he spent much more.

I am happy I have at least one more year of Platinum goodness.

Micheladas in Mexico City Centurion Lounge



  1. MY cousin has the MB Amex Plat & was offered 30k MR or $300 with no spend requirement. He uses it as his primary card and probably spent around $30,000 last year.

  2. I got 50k instantly 2 weeks ago. They first offered 10k points, which I declined. Second retention bonus in 3 years. Use the card mostly for flights and some work expenses.

    • Whoa, great bonus I declined initially and he said okay we are closing it! So I quit bluffing and took the offer.

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