Lyft & Taco Bell Partner Up! Hope for All Mankind


Disclaimer: I get a Lyft credit if you sign up with my affiliate link. You get up to $20 in ride credit, so it’s all good baby baby! 

It can be dark being TPOL. The world is lonely and cruel. Indeed, every Saturday I post a complaint of the week. Last week’s was Amex’s terrible new website. Finally, I can say that I have reason for hope. Today, I read on TechCrunch that Lyft & Taco Bell have partnered up to allow riders to include a pit stop at T-Bell. This is long overdue and will change the course of history forever. Before, I would anxiously ask if it was okay if we swung by Taco Bell for food. If the driver was kind enough to do so, I was still nervous that I would not have the requisite time needed to peruse the menu and plan my $14 order. (I have found that $14/person is the ideal amount of food after a night out. The orders never include nachos which inflate the price but do not provide the returns of goodness that they should.) In addition to grabbing late night bites, this partnership promises to provide, “the ultimate Taco Bell experience, including custom swag as well as a special in-car menu, and free food giveaways.” My mind is blown.

Uber should respond to this innovative marketing tool by adding Jimmy John’s as a partner. In Fort Lauderdale, my driver had an epic meltdown when I asked him to swing by JJ’s. He had to be home by midnight and JJ’s was not on the way to his house. After we got to JJ’s and headed back for the Hyatt Place, we got stuck on a bridge waiting for a boat to go by. In resignation, the driver sadly whimpered, “It’s over.” I thought he meant his life was over, but he was referring to the bridge crossing.

Tangent aside, this partnership could be huge for Lyfters and those who love Taco Bell. If for some reason you do not have Lyft, sign up today by using my affiliate link.

Who needs to make a run for the border when you have Lyft to take you there in no hurry?

Old school menu!




  1. The problem lies in the low pay for the driver. Sorry but an astonishingly low rate of .11 cents per minute (drivers take before expenses) is less than $7 an hour, with your car running, often at 2am, during peak times when the driver is much better served driving people at a higher primtetime/surge rate. The end result is drunken people eating tacos in your backseat, and the driving making less than if they told you NO? Want a drive thru. Put $20 cash in drivers hand. They don’t care about your empty promises of I’ll take care of you bro.

    • I don’t tip but I agree that eating shouldn’t be allowed. That should result in the same penalty as puking.

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