Chase Business Preferred: 100k Finally, Finally, Finally!


36-24-36? Only if she’s 5/24. That joke makes no sense but who cares? Today is a day of celebration. I finally received the remaining 50k of the 100k Chase Business Preferred offer. The story begins in March of 2018 when I went into a branch to open a business checking account for Bachuwa Law, your favorite consumer protection attorney. The banker said he could get me approved for the Chase Business Preferred. Having applied for it over and over and over again and having been rejected for it over and over and over again, I did not believe it was possible. The banker said it was and that I could get the 100k offer.

Moments later, the decision came back inconclusive. A week later, there was still no decision. A month later, I received the Chase Ink Cash in the mail which came with a 50k bonus. I called my banker who said that Chase made a mistake and that he would get it upgraded to the Preferred. With my taxes due, I dropped 5k on the card in the hopes that it would get sorted out and I would get 100k URs. A few weeks later, my banker said my card was converted to the Preferred, but he was still working on the other 50k. At that point, I wasn’t that concerned about receiving the additional 50k. For me, the value of the Preferred is using it to run ads online and receive 3X points. My digital marketing company, crushin IT, spends a decent sum for Bachuwa Law and other clients (submit an inquiry if you’re sick of getting ripped off by digital marketers). For the past few months, I’ve been splitting my ad spend between these two cards and enjoying a healthy increase. Forget MS, the points accrual game is in digital marketing. Between this card and the Amex BRG, I will never be short of points. The balance hit an all time high today when I saw that the additional 50k had finally posted.

I would like to thank my banker in the Old Town Scottsdale branch on Indian School and Scottsdale Road for his persistence. Because of him, I can rest easy knowing that I don’t have to go back to the dark world of MS, hire Lloyd Braun to resell 100 printers from Office Depot, or give a micro loan (something that I’ve never done) just so I can fly first.

Now, I hope and pray neither company changes its bonus categories.

Maybe I’ll celebrate by burning points at Park Hyatt Maldives hahahahahahalolhahahada with my peasant Explorist status.


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