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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Remember That Time TPOL Moved to Mongolia?

It was the first of September, a day that I will always remember. Because that was the day…

Actually, it was the 1st of August. And it was 2014. That was the day I made the Mistake of Moving to Mongolia. While it was a good idea to Desert the Complacency of the Desert, it was not a good idea to do so in favor of Ulaanbaatar. Apart from the hot water issues in my apartment (it either scalded me or was nonexistent), not being paid my salary, being fired while on a visa run in Osaka, and constructively being deported, I had a great time. Seriously, there were plenty of fun memories including:

meat on skewers on a grill
Here in Ulaanbaatar, I have had BBQ of all types: Korean to Uzbek, Mexican to Mongolian. All of it delicious, and all available come street or saloon.
a screenshot of a weather forecast
So for all my friends still living in Scottsdale, Arizona, I ask you to please guess the current temperate right now in Ulaanbaatar. For my friends in Europe who ask if the measurement is in Fahrenheit or Celsius, I reply by saying it doesn’t matter.
  • Barely Legal: An American in Mongolia

    a passport and a pen on a table
    Left with 2 paths that could merge into one, I am still on my original quest to cement a name for myself beyond ‘points guru‘. Today, I took a small step towards realizing that goal in a most unexpected way: I received my residency card from my new host country, Mongolia.
  • What’s Coooler than Bein’ Cool? Mongolia!
    a castle with a clock tower on the water
    Entrepreneurial opportunities, the chance to ride small horses, and Asia right at my doorstep confirm that I, to this point, made the right gamble to leave the desert of Arizona for the ice age of the Gobi.

    The caption for the last post was the highpoint of my Mongolia experience. From there, it went down hill faster than the temperature dropping below zero. But instead of rehashing the failure of the past, I want to compare it to where I am four years later. Once again, I moved from Scottsdale in search of a better life. This time the destination was not as extreme. Though voters wanted me to move to Albania, I chose Puerto Rico instead. Intrigued by not paying federal or state income taxes (see an Expat in Puerto Rico), moving here seems like a no brainer. This time I’m not working for a scam law firm. I have my own practice. This time I’m not subject to the laws of a lawless land (Mongolia is #103 out of 180 on the Corruption Perception Index). I’m in the United States. This time I’m not living in Soviet Housing. I’ll be on the golf course. However, having learned the lessons from Mongolia, I’m not ready to call this move a success just yet. I will say it’s trending up but will hold off on any mission accomplished declarations for the time being.

    Note: If you can’t get enough of my life in the coldest, most polluted capital in the world, read all my Mongolia posts here.



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