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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Friends in Cold Places: A Saturday Night Tailgate Party in UB

The burgers were fresh off the grill, the cooler was stocked with [Tiger] beer, and the obscure Pringle flavors were ready to be devoured. It was time for Saturday night football.

a television on a stand

The only anomaly was that the game was starting at midnight. And this stranger that had showed up at my house.

For a moment, I forgot that I wasn’t watching the game in Arizona but my home in Ulaanbaatar. The twelve hour time difference meant the pregame wouldn’t commence with mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. The late kickoff made it appropriate to indulge in a few libations eliminating the need to question why I’m five drinks deep at 9AM.

And what about this stranger in my house? That can only be explained by a reading from the gospel according to the University of Michigan which reveals the following proverbs:

Anywhere you go, go blue.

And anywhere you go, eff Ohio State. 

Well, someone took the reading of the Umich Bible literally and reached out to me by commenting on my blog post: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? AN EXPAT’S SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR AMERICAN DEPORTES.

Here was the message:

Hey! This is super random. I just finished the Mongol Rally and am in UB. I typed in watch college football in UB into google and your blog came up. I’m dieing to watch the Mich-App State game tonight (Michigan ’09). Any chance we can watch together? Happy to bring beers and I’ve already got my Michigan gear on.

Wherever you go…GO BLUE!

How do you like them apples? The blog’s ability to bring people together knows no borders.

Immediately, I contacted the local embassy, informed them that there was a serial killer on the loose, and that he was wearing Michigan apparel.

Then I came out from hiding and responded that he would be more than welcome to come by for the Michigan opener.

Maybe it was the Pringles spread or perhaps it was the countless bottles of brew, but I was not cut into pieces that night. Instead, me and my new friend, did as all Umich fans do when they watch the maize and blue take the field; we argued.

“Denard Robinson is the most athletic quarterback ever to . . . ”

Me Interrupting 

“You’re an idiot! You know nothing about Umich football!”

two men sitting on a couch with beer bottles and a glass table

And on and on it would go, with the temporary cessation of hostilities whenever Michigan would score or a Ohio State lowlight would appear on the screen.

Yes, it felt like I was back in college, watching football, having some drinks, wondering why every out of state Michigan student thought he knew more than I.

In the end, Michigan won 52-14 and my friend and I disturbed the peace of UB, singing a slurred version of The Victors.

Hail! to the victors valiant…

two men sitting on a couch holding beer bottles




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