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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Happy Labour Day: 7 Places You Shouldn’t Work

I know that many of you read my blog during extended breaks at work. Today is Labor day in the United States but it isn’t Labo[u]r Day in Mongolia. Accordingly, I cannot take a day off from writing my blog. Long weekends are a great marketing tool for my book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine, because the excitement of an extra day off really puts things into perspective.  Don’t believe me? Tell me how you feel when you head back to the cubicle farm on Tuesday. Don’t kid yourself, you do not like your cubicle job so read the book and get ready to move on.

Since I know most of you are out having a great BBQ, I’m going to keep things upbeat and positive by listing the Top 7 Places You Shouldn’t Work.*

*Coincidentally, all jobs are further discussed in amusing detail in The Book.

7. Taxi Driver

Besides bartending and DJing, being a taxi driver was my favorite job of all time. I started cabbing as a marketing ploy to promote The Book and have a great appreciation for fellow taxi drivers. But the 60 hour work weeks, the very real threat of bodily harm, and the dumb, drunk idiots do not make the $100-$300/12 hour shift worthwhile.


Read more about my life as a JD/MBA Tax-i Attorney here.

6. Professor at a For-Profit School 

For one year, I was a professor at a for-profit school until my contract was not renewed. Was this picture a reason why?

See The Book Lesson 9: “This Is It!”. . . Words Of Certain Doom

Perhaps I got too much into character for my professor of Terrorism Law course

5. Cellular Phone Salesman 

Is working as a cellphone salesman a good use of your University of Michigan bachelors degree in economics?

See The Book Step 4: Scorch The Bridge

Maybe a red cup bus driver would’ve been better.

4. Hungry Howie’s Pizza 

When I was 16, I worked the phones at Hungry Howie’s Pizza. This was before the technological advancement called a computer. Anyway, it was a busy Friday night and I was overwhelmed. Delivery orders were being marked as pick up and vice versa. It also didn’t help that the ‘code’ for toppings were beyond asinine. O was for pepperoni and P was for olive!

Needless to say, there were plenty of angry vegetarians that night! The next day everyone’s order went out without a hitch. Most likely because I was fired before that shift began.


I should’ve opened a Jimmy John’s instead of making pizza pies/go to law school. See The Book Lesson 2: A Dollar Is Green

3. General Counsel 

Would a job at general counsel make working for someone more pleasant?

See The Book Lesson 9: “This Is It!”. . . Words Of Certain Doom

Does the desk look familiar? See Book Cover

2. Big Law 

Would a job at in international law firm in Shanghai make all your dreams come true?

See The Book Lesson 5: Test Your Hypothesis with Confidence 

Can’t stop, won’t stop billing. I don’t even know how to stop

1. General Motors 

How long do you think I spent at Government Motors before I got fired?

See The Book Lesson 6: Go For Broke Bailout!

Severance package.

Happy Labour Day everyone! Please buy the book then Make Tuesday Humpday! (which is The Book’s Step 2)


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