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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Finally 75k Amex Business Rewards Gold

Woke up this morning to read that Rapid Travel Chai was able to track down the 75k Amex Business Rewards Gold after 10k spend offer. Envious, I loaded up browser windows in IE, Mozilla, and Chrome both in visible and incognito mode in hopes of finding the same offer.

Unlike applications in the past where the sign-up bonus was the motivating drive to apply, the reward category of 3X points for advertising spend is what I was after. In my arsenal of entrepreneurial aspirations is an online marketing company which provides IT solutions for the digital nomad, cleverly called Crushin IT (superfluous website still under construction.)

Funds spent for marketing were receiving 1x points no matter which card I used. Now, with business growing, funds spent on online ads will not only generate revenue but also a nice amount of points.

In the end, one browser window was all that was needed. I applied and was happy to be instantly approved. Unlike the Delta Amex, I’ll be holding onto this card for a long time.





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