Why I Don’t Visit Museums


In my Guns & Butter Travel Guide I detail what to do in great cities if you have limited time with limitless options. I describe party places, great beaches, local food, and landmarks that can’t be missed. I hardly ever mention visiting museum because I prefer to visit living history. For example, it’s much more informative to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam than go to the War Remnants Museum in Saigon.


Obviously, if you’re in Paris you have to see the Louvre but it’s in your best interest to go with someone who is more of a cultural attaché than Mr. TPOL.

Having said that, the real reason I don’t visit museums is so I don’t get fined. This was the case with a Taiwanese boy who on tour of a museum tripped and inadvertently punched a hole in a 1.5 million dollar painting. Luckily, insurance is covering the restoration.






  1. Museums are rated by people as the most trusted source of information. Historical perspective often helps in understanding why things and places are the way they are now.

  2. Hi, It’s great to come across to your blog. Since I’ve been searching for some travel advice and luckily I’ve found your site. It’s really interesting to me that you don’t like to visit museum as a boy have had some bad experience in the past. But I’m not agree with you, If I would go to Paris, I must have visited Louvre Museum. Any way, your way of writing is great. Wanting more article on travel advice in the future, I’ll come back your to blog very soon for sure.

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