Uber Pool FLL Scam! Don’t Waste Your Time

Uber Pool FLL Scam is part of the Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway Trip Report.

You know what really grinds my gears? Trying to save money by wasting my time in the process. I landed at FLL for a one night stopover on my Rum Rum Tour. (Ironically, to get to the Caribbean, I had to leave the Caribbean.) Instead of taking the FLL train (see The Tri Rail: The Best Deal in Miami/Fort Lauderdale), I opted for instinct. And by instinct I mean Uber Pool. Based on my bad NY Uber Pool experiences, you’d think me stupid for trying to save a buck on the tread of others. I’m starting to agree, but this time I thought it would be different. FLL has a specific pool just for the airport, which led me to assume that drivers wouldn’t be so angry about pool rides and might even pick me up, as is their job!

uber pool fll scam
Clear sign for ride sharing.
Here’s how it went down:
Driver 1: Canceled. Uber charged me $6 fee.
Driver 2: Driver 2 was 9 minutes away. I canceled. No fee.
In between 2 and 3, I asked if I was in the right place. Indeed I was.
This is where to wait for Uber Pool that is not coming.
Driver 3: Your driver is arriving! Canceled.
Driver A: Yes, Driver A, not 4. I took Lyft instead. Amex credits be damned.
Landing in FLL? Don’t pool your luck. Take Lyft.


  1. Had a very similar experience with a late night arrival – ride accepted and the driver was just stuck at 10 minutes away. After waiting for ~10 minutes, I cancelled for free and got a Lyft instead.
    BTW, have you heard of the Freebird app? Seems like you’re not using it and it’s an excellent way to save money (with little-to-no waste time) on Uber and Lyft.

  2. Uber drivers are getting shady… and Uber is letting them. The new scam around here is them charging you a waiting time. Every-time they pick me up from my house or the airport in San Antonio, The drivers have been tacking on a 5 to 10 minute waiting charge… Problem is, in none of these cases did the driver wait a single second for me; I always waited outside for them and watched them pull up. I of course dispute the charge each time and Uber credits it back after a few emails back and forth… But I would think their system shouldn’t allow such a charge since times are logged and the math can’t make since.

      • Another scam (I know, I’m a driver and still bother me) is that Uber adds miles to trips unnecessarily. Most people may think an extra mile is no big deal because it is about $1. Well, multiply that by the 6 million or so rides per day and Uber is making a killing. I am just waiting for the class action lawsuit …

        • i think the scam is charging me dollars but refunding me uber cash. uber cash is not currency!

  3. Uber definitely has a problem vetting their drivers. I’ve had some issues with Lyft also. Flying out of MIA, I wish there were other ride share than just Uber or Lyft.

  4. I had a very similar experience with Uber in FLL. The driver kept saying he was at my pickup point and couldn’t find me. I was in the exact spot that I was supposed to be. I kept calling him and he kept saying I wasn’t there. Finally, I sensed this was a scam and I said I was going to report this incident to Uber. His reply: Go ahead, they don’t really care.
    I was charged $5 for canceling. I this was a service aberration but apparently not.

  5. Had the same experience with lyft at JFk trying to get a ride home which is 10 minutes away from the airport and it wasn’t even a pool ride. I ended up having to get some from home and lose our parking spot to come and pick me up.

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