TPOL’s 2019 Winning NCAA Bracket!


I picked Arizona to win last year (see TPOL’s 2018 Winning NCAA Bracket!). That didn’t work out for my pool, but it worked out for my life because Michigan ended up in the Final Four (see Final Four San Antonio: Go Blue! Left Blue). Two years ago the loser of my bracket would have to fly Air India from SFO-DEL in coach. Luckily, I did not have to endure that nightmare (see Miracle!!! No Air India For Me!). Three years ago, I picked Villanova in what became the best NCAA final I’ve seen. In 2015, I picked Michigan State and was wrong. And in 2013, I went to see Michigan to play no one  (technically Louisville was not there).

Which brings me to this year where TPOL has the following perfect bracket. Note that Michigan will beat Syracuse as it did in 2013 and then avenge the finals loss to Duke before Michigan takes a timeout on offense and loses to North Carolina. #cwebb

Minnesota! Here I come.


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