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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Simply The Best: 5 Years of T-P-O-L

As an employee, my resume is not impressive. I’ve quit or been fired from every job that I’ve had and usually at a record pace. The stupidity of working for someone led me to write my first book, Everyone’s Advice is Wrong . . . Including Mine. In contrast to my work record, I have been dedicated to writing this blog. March 19, 2019 marked 5 years of the creation of my alter ego, TPOL. The highlight is my appearance on CNN Business Traveller with my buddy Richard Quest. Though I haven’t become a blog millionaire (see “Click Here!” How Blogs Make $), it hasn’t stopped me from blogging about everything and anything.

Here are the top posts from each year since 2014 when this started.

2014: The $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World

My first masterpiece was this round the world ticket. The Facebook album for this trip was called #pointslife. The rest is history.

a table of data with numbers and text

2015: I’m Done with Manufactured Spending

I know some people still MS and that I may be missing out on points, but at some point cash is more important than free travel. (If your credit card got shut down for MS, we may be able to help. Visit Bachuwa Law.) a group of cards on a blue surface

2016: Flying Icelandair by Mistake

Everyone loves it when someone makes mistakes. This was the dumbest travel bungle of my travel career if you don’t count visa issues. But it also received the most clicks. a crowd of people in front of a stage

2017: Tirana, Albania: Debauchery & Promiscuity! Vote Now 

Before TPOL moved to Puerto Rico, I had the great idea of letting my readers vote where I would move to next (see Vote Where TPOL Moves Next! And I’ll Go There). Naturally, everyone picked Tirana because they thought it was the worst place on the list. They were wrong. Tirana is fantastic. Last year, I visited Albania in summer as part of my #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL Trip Report. Therefore, no Mueller report will be necessary because I will be making Tirana my home in the near future. #witchhunt a screenshot of a voting screen

2018: “You Leave Only with Passport!” Detained in Tel Aviv Again

From the troll comments I received after being on CNN (see Welcome CNN Business Traveller Viewers!), to the jeers from my Icelandair mishap, I have accepted that there are a lot of angry people out there. While I encourage everyone to #bebest, I don’t take it personally when an anonymous person expresses negativity via the comments section. In fact, those sweet nothings are celebrated during the yearly Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my most popular post for 2018 was when I was detained in Tel Aviv.

a cart with boxes on it
My bags would show up in Warsaw two days after I arrived.


It’s been 5 years of great fun. Here’s to 50 more! Now get me back on CNN please. #letsgetafterit

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  1. i have to admit, i just love your ramblin’. always one of my fave reads as it always seems you are talking directly at me. Makes for a good read and i truly love the way you start this post. While you say “The stupidity of working for someone led me to write my first book.”, I hope there is no stupidity for being hosted on BoardingArea! We’re thrilled to have been part of your current five year streak of blogging and let’s keep that streak alive … at least longer than you’ll you’ll last in your Madness bracket … C-o-n-g-r-a-t-s.

  2. Hmmm ….1st congrats on 5 years ……help me understand…I noticed you have for 12 flights 0 points and 0 cost but you have the retail price ….how did you fly when zero cost and zero points ?

    • Lol the criticism I often get about my spreadsheets, no key provided. It’s a rtw ticket so so the flights were 225k and taxes.

  3. I’m angry, dammit! I want to express that anger and show my heartfelt belief in personal responsibility by blaming someone else for whatever it is that I’m angry about instead of accepting my shortcomings as my own fault. There – now you have a comment by someone who admits to being angry. Normal people can balance this out.

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