Sunday, October 1, 2023

Tirana, Albania: Fantastic Food & Drink Guide

I travel to eat and drink. And when I do, I do so in large quantities.

Mullixhiu Restaurant Tirana: This Is Why I Travel

Mullixhiu was voted one of the ten best restaurants in Europe.

Salt Block District Tirana, Albania: Where TPOL Will Live*

Remember when you jerks voted for TPOL to move to Tirana? I know you - the Ukranians, or perhaps a 400 lb fat guy in a basement - rigged the election because you thought it was a terrible place to live.

Guns & Butter: Albanian Riviera Travel Guide (Improv Edition)

I was given recommendations for where to go by my Albanian friend before I booked my trip. Even with this advice, this part of the trip was a bit of a mess.

Siranda to Tirana: The Perfect Minibus

After my dreadful visit to the island of Corfu, I needed a ride from Saranda to Tirana. Fortunately, I found RivieraBus which left Saranda at 5PM and arrived in Tirana at 10:30PM.

Haircuts Abroad: Albania Edition

When I travel abroad, I seek out authentic barbers that keep me looking good on long journeys and do not overcharge for doing it.

Santa Quaranta Beach Bar Albania: The Place for Horny Matches?

I was going write a review about Santa Quaranta Beach Bar which is located in Sarnada, Albania. I Googled the resort to get the address. Here's what I found when I went to the homepage.

Bollanos Hotel Albanian Riviera: Wait, Where Am I?

We all make mistakes when we travel. Mine have been detailed on this blog many times.

Folie Marine Albania: Party Like A Rockstar, BYOD

Following the long drive from Skopje, I arrived in Himare, Albania, at 11PM. I checked into the barracks, threw down my luggage, and went across the street to the bar.

Albanian Riviera: Beautiful, But How Do You Get There?

Promises made, promises kept. The time had come for TPOL to listen to the voters and move to Albania.
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