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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Haircuts Abroad: Albania Edition

Haircuts Abroad: Albania Edition is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

Points travel is about living an upscale lifestyle without paying for it. Sure, I would like to drink Krug everyday but I cannot afford it. I also would like to go to a barber for a proper shave and haircut instead of cutting my hair in a hotel (see Fair Or Foul? Cutting Your Hair in a Hotel Room), but I can’t rationalize $20 for the buzz treatment.

When I travel abroad, I seek out authentic barbers that keep me looking good on long journeys and do not overcharge for doing it. The first installment was when I went to Marseille (see Haircuts Abroad: Marseille Edition). This is the second.


Random street in Saranda. a sign on a building




Cut & Shave a man looking at a device a man with a white beard and mustache


Barber shops are the place where you meet locals and where, for a moment, you believe you are part of the community. You don’t have to speak the language. You don’t have to say anything. You just have to sit back, relax, and hope your hand gestures made it clear what sort of cut you were looking for.

a man smiling for a picture
Worked out perfectly.


I enjoyed going to the barbershop in Albania and will seek out the next obscure country I visit for a similar experience and will continue to blog about it. If for some reason you don’t find these posts entertaining, please see a clip from my favorite barbershop:





  1. This posts answers many questions about your hair. When I no longer have to appear in front of clients, I can have you cut my hair, too.

  2. I like reading your blog normally due to the very high editorial standards and comprehensive information. I’m shocked that this post lacks so much relevant detail. There are numerous countries around the world where post-haircut scalp and, ahem, other area massages are readily available. I read through your entire report and didn’t find any useful information relative to this. Have your standards truly fallen so far?

    • Hahaha. I am completely unaware of these places you speak of but appreciate your feedback. Posts like this are for the overall story for the travel guide. Alone they seem v random but I have a plan.

  3. Straight razor shaves are part of my travel…I seek them out.
    The best was in Istanbul. The barber had a small, quintessential looking shop, was wearing a sharp looking white coat, was well groomed, and gave the full treatment (hot towel, quick neck scalp massage, after massage dusting with brush….but nothing below the shoulders). Then came the creme de la creme: he grasped something like hot dog tongs, put a cotton ball at the end, soaked the ball in alcohol, lit the ball on fire, then held the ball near my ear and blew the flame over to singe away the hairs.
    My girlfriend was mortified.
    It was awesome!
    I’ve been chasing that high like a crackhead after their first hit.
    Second best was in Japan. Great attention to detail. Clearly had a routine that was firmly adhered to from beginning to end.
    P.S. was just in Norway and didn’t even enquire about one. If an IPA 12oz. can cost $19, I’m fairly certain someone would have to take a second on their house to pay for a shave!

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