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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Angle Flat Lufthansa: My First Points Flight Review

Angle Flat Lufthansa is part of the Losing My Points Virginity Trip Report where in 2012 I flew business class for the first time on points. Read the Overview here.

I’m so behind on Trip Reports that the last thing I should be doing is writing my first points flight review (see Writing Trip Reports: How Old Is Too Old?). So why am I writing about something that took place in 2012? First, I have no reviews of Lufthansa and wanted to round out a collection of reviews which includes too many to list/link here (see Flight Reviews). Second, I want to point out how spoiled I’ve become in this points game. Can you imagine flying angle flight long-haul? I hated it short-haul from Ethiopian from JNB to ADD, but at that time I thought it was such a thrill. Third, how many times have we thought that the points game was over? Remember when TPOL ruined it for everyone by giving out the biggest open secret on CNN International? Yet somehow, seven years later, despite devaluations and other dirty, rotten tricks by airlines and credit card companies, we still have enough points to fly in style. Finally, I am bringing up 2012 to declare how much I still love points booking. I was fist pumping the air when I booked this flight from DTW-FRA, and seven years later I was doing the same when I booked my epic ANA RTW Ticket.

And now, please put on your time travel suits, and join me as I write about flying business class on points for the first time. Mind you that this was when I went by Alex and not by the celebrity TPOL that you all know and love (see Simply The Best: 5 Years of T-P-O-L).

December 2012 

a man lying in a chair
Really, the seat actually reclines? How did I fly coach all these years?
a glass of wine and a glass of water on a table
Real glasses and wine? You think they’d notice if I took one?
a plate of food on a table
An assortment of cheese? Is this heaven?
a tray of food on a table
Breakfast too! How does it get better than this?
a close up of a screen
Oh look, we’re approaching Frankfurt. I wish this flight would last longer.
an airplane on the runway
What’s that airplane? No way it is better than this one.

July 2019 

Oh Alex was so young, so naive. He didn’t know what an A380 was, let alone one what was inside of one powered by SQ (see Singapore Airlines A380 Suite Class, My Turn). How things have changed. They say you never forget your first. That is true. But seven years later, I’m blessed not to have flown my last.




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