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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Many of you are visiting this site for the first time after seeing my segment on CNN Business Traveller with Richard Quest. Others of you are reading this because I have spammed everyone I know to tune into the show.

For those that do not know me, my name is Alexander Bachuwa and I am a travel enthusiast who writes this daily blog, The Points Of Life (TPOL for short), where I focus on how to travel the world in premium class while paying next to nothing. My adventures have taken me all around the globe (see TPOL’s Travel Map) to more than 80 countries. Along the way I have flown Emirates Shower Class, Singapore Airlines Suite Class, Cathay First Class, and Allegiant Airlines Lower Class. You can find all my Flight Reviews here.

Flying first is just the start of the adventure as I also use points to gain access to international lounges where the food and drink never end. (see all Lounge Reviews here including Emirates First Class and Fat Guy in the Lounge: Tahiti Edition). Upon arriving at my destination, I try to avoid the hostels (though ChungKing Mansions in Hong Kong should not be missed) by staying at 5-Star luxury resorts like the St. Regis Mauritius, the King George Hotel in Athens, and the Park or Grand Hyatt Shanghai. These reviews are part of larger Trip Reports of which my top two are Tahiti Triumph and the $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World.

Of course, it’s not always smooth sailing when I travel. I’ve had my share of visa troubles which is why I also write a Travel Advice section. At the same time, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy great food and drink, play world-class golf, while compiling unique Top Ten Lists and one-of-a-kind Travel Guides.

How is this all possible? The answer is Points. You can duplicate what I have managed to pull off by reading my tutorials starting with Points 101. From there, you can learn more about which Credit Cards to apply for and, more importantly, uncover the best ways to Redeem Your Points.

If you’re wondering how I became a blogger, it began with a simple Facebook album, #Points Life, where I would antagonize friends by posting pics of my gallivants across the globe. Those travels inspired me to write the book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong…Including Mine, where I describe the steps needed to leave the cubicle once and for all. Naturally, the first step is to Enjoy #ThePointsOfLife.

And there you go. Two and a half years later, I unexpectedly found myself on CNN Business Traveller talking points with Richard Quest.

To keep up with my travel exploits, please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or by Emailing me directly. To catch up on my greatest posts, please visit the Simply the Best section of my blog.

Thank you for watching and I look forward to see you on my next flight, undoubtedly in Apartment Class.

Richard Quest and I in Las Vegas
Richard Quest and I in Las Vegas