TPOL’s Guide to Maximizing Free Breakfast & Late Checkout


Brian Cohen of the Gate wrote an article “What to Do When Breakfast Hours at Hotels Do Not Fit Your Travel Schedule” in reaction to a Magic of Miles post “Why Aren’t Hotel Breakfasts Open Until 11AM?” I’m currently in Moscow and believe that I found a solution that addresses this problem.

Those that read my blog know that I am not a fan of breakfast in general and certainly not a fan of paying for it. (see post TPOL Paid for Breakfast! And…, Free Breakfast?! The InterContinental Bora Bora Says No) At the same time, there have been hotels with outstanding breakfast buffets that would have been a shame to have missed. (see Twelve at Hengshan Shanghai: The Best Breakfast in the World and Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik: VIP Treatment) Further compounding the problem are the following factors:

It should come as no surprise that my ingenious solution to get the best of all worlds is to stay out all hours, come back for a great buffet, and wake up late into the afternoon. This morning I enjoyed a decent free breakfast at the St. Regis Moscow and a restful sleep until 3:45PM. From there, I checked out of the hotel and into the Park Hyatt with the intention of doing it all over again tonight. While this method does not work in a beach town, it certainly is appropriate in big cities in the spring, summer, and early fall when the sun stays up long enough to do all the tourist activities. Another benefit of this method is that I do not have to deal with adjusting to the local time as my nocturnal activities correspond with my normal schedule back in the States.

This method may not be appropriate for all travelers. Please consult a physician before following my advice.

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  1. There’s a beach town just outside of my home town that offers some tolerable nightlife. I think they call it South Beach these days. Give it a shot. That said, I do love your premise regarding how to maximize breakfast. I almost spit my drink out laughing.

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