Who Runs Miami Beach?

Who Runs Miami Beach is part of the Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway Trip Report.

On Real Sports with Bryant Gumble, there was a story about a man called the Raven who ran eight miles every day on the beach come literal hell or high water. During sunny days, he would be out running with his Forrest Gump group of followers. During hurricanes, he would still be out there. When it became too dangerous to be on the beach, he ran back and forth in his yard. The story goes on to shed light on his compulsion.

I tried to run in his footsteps and didn’t get far. Two miles round trip was the most I could do. I prefer to run right where the water hits the sand. It usually makes for a firm surface that is ideal for barefoot running. On Miami Beach, the sand gave too much making each step a struggle. It is also on an incline which is uncomfortable.
I couldn’t complain too much given the views.

The Raven runs with shoes on the soft sand. That option looks terrible. Like Running in San Juan, most people run on a path. That looked like a better option.

TPOL’s streak of running on Miami Beach is one day in a row. How about you? Beach runner? Path? Or no running at all?



  1. I’ve run on many beaches. Running Miami beach is mostly running on the boardwalk sidewalk area near the hotels and homes not along the water. As you mention it’s too steep in many places. Even beaches that are fairly flat can be hard to run along the water edge if the beach has retaining walls or various inlets etc. Galveston comes to mind. I also usually wear running shoes even if running close to the water.

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