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So last time I decided to move abroad, it didn’t work out so well. (see Mistake of Mongolia) Google Mongolia now and you’ll quickly read how Mongolia is standing on a literal gold mine. What they don’t tell you is that the there is next to no chance that the resources will leave the ground. I was promised the world and then constructively deported – without a paycheck.

But that was the past. Today is the present. With the development of my cloud based consumer protection law firm,, which has grown tremendously from my opportunity to post The Fine Print on Frequent Miler, I am once again ready to leave the US for adventure. This time, I won’t have to rely on a snake in the grass boss to [not] pay my wages.

Apologies, I got sidetracked from being positive.

The question is where should I go. The land is so big. The choice is so infiniteWe’ll let fate decide.

We'll let fate decide.

Actually, this time, I am going to have my readers decide. Barring an unforeseeable change in circumstances, I am leaving America after the Michigan Ohio State game this November. You just have to tell me where to go. For those that want to be rid of me, this is your opportunity to send me to Ketchikan, Alaska. (shout out to my Young Pope fans)

I used a great website, Nomad List, to come up with a list of options. The homepage for the site is pretty spectacular. It shows a ranking of the best cities to live and has the Internet speed, temperature, and cost of living for each place. These are the requirements:

  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Less than $1500 a month to live.
  • Low Crime
  • Safe for Women
  • No Cold Weather, did that in Mongolia, the coldest and most polluted capital in the world, and have nothing to prove now. (Ironically, the website kept freezing when I put warm/mild climate but cold entries will not count, so don’t bother voting for them.)
  • Can’t have visa hassle

I got rid of a two cities on the list. The first was Prague because I already live there. The second was Ulaanbaatar because it will be a warm day in Ulaanbaatar before I ever go back there. If life works out, I will create a new list when I get to my new home and move again four months later. There will be many more options in Round 2 because spring will be near.

Voting closes on September 1st. Expect periodic reminders on this. This may be something that can put TPOL on the figurative and literal map. Finally, this post will be a test if my mom actually reads the blog.

Nomad List has Chiang Mai as #1 (I disagree) some random place in Colombia is last.

Help TPOL take over the world like the great Chinghis
Help TPOL take over the world like the great Chinghis


  1. Well I lived in Chiang Mai for 2 years and while it’s a really cool city with great internet it suffers from a lot of pollution and smog related to the agriculture industry, I wouldn’t want to live there again. Ko Lanta Thailand is really cool but it could get boring quick there isn’t much going on there. My vote is for Braga Portugal it just looks interesting to me.

    • Yeah I wouldnt want to live in either chiang mai or Ko lanta. The website ranked this list with Chiang Mai as #1. I’ll add that to the post. Also, this is just for 3-4 months and then I’ll open up the voting again.

  2. SEoul is amazing, actually the entire country of South Korea is amazing, it is the most technologically advanced and connected country that I’ve been in terms of using technology in everyday life. and if you move this winter, you can catch the Winter Olympics there.

  3. Please come Tbilisi, we are biggest fan of you in whole world, you make many friends here and never want leave, i promise.

  4. Foshan China. Great food! The Soon Tuck and Nam Hoi cuisine is very famous in Chinese communities around the world. You can try them out in Malaysia but maybe hard to find much information about this cuisine on the internet in English.

  5. You’re serious? This isn’t one of those Lucky “What should I do” posts where it’s already been decided? If so, I gotta give you some props for just pulling up stakes. How long would you be looking at?

        • At the risk of 1) not getting any sarcasm 2) really believing you do not know the meaning of “bar fine” let me illustrate,

          Bar Fine (a common term concerning “night life” in Thailand) is the price you pay the bar to take their “employee” out of the bar with you thereby compensating them for the time she is not there. That usually does not include any “services” rendered.

          btw, I vote against moving to Pattaya, Thailand for sure if (and only if) you are married or in an exclusive relationship. You might be the exception but as a general rule will not bode well for the relationship. 🙂

  6. I’d vote for Ubud, Bali! It’s cheap, warm, safe and visa should be easy enough.
    People are friendly and it’s hard not to remain positive – just go for a walk in the rice paddies if you get upset, very calming 😉 Yes, there are crowds of visiting day-tripper – but you can leave them behind with a 5 minute walk from town. You have access to good food, healthcare, WiFi and an an international airport. There is enough to do on Bali to not get bored for 3-4 months.
    I also like Lisbon, but despite being cheap for Europe, it’s much more expensive than Ubud in my experience. Bangkok also meets your criteria.
    I live in the Philippines and would pick Manila or Cebu over Davao any day! I’ve also traveled to and written extensively about Thailand, Bali, the Philippines and other places in SE Asia on my blog – check it out or ask me, if you end up in SE Asia and have questions!

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