Angry at Amex Platinum Too!


There’s no reason TPOL should be up at 7AM unless he’s coming home from a Chinese disco. This early hour has me in a foul mood. I just ranted about the SQ deval and now I’m sounding off on Amex increasing its annual fee on the platinum card from $450 to $550. Gary has a run down of the changes so I’ll spare myself the trouble of using my touchscreen to write them out and you the suspense of asking if that increase is worth it. It isn’t. 

For $100 more you get 5x points on hotels booked through Amex’s portal, (something I never do), a tin card (that’s so 2012 Sapphire bro), and $200 in Uber credits, sort of. Card holders receive 11 months of a $15 Uber credit and $35 Uber credit in December. Someone in marketing must’ve thought they were pretty clever to put the remainder in December. And the credit is only valid in America, so no Uber Cairo for me. 

Why not give the $200 credit as it is incurred? Is this Amex’s way of making sure I don’t burn the card after using the credits early in the year? (As you know, burning is one of the few ways this card can be destroyed) Letting unused Uber credits go to waste because I’m out of the country makes this ‘enhancement’ a deval in tin clothing. I haven’t decided if I’ll keep or cancel but it’s not looking good for Amex.

Have we become so desensitized to annual fees that $550 seems reasonable? 

In Jan-Nov you get 2 Bloody Marys. In December you get 12.


  1. As your attorney, I advise you to drink heavily to cogitate on the problem.
    The thing that puzzles me is the free gold cards. Why gold cards? Do they have some specific value that a green card doesn’t?
    Also, is this for the personal card only, or business as well?

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