SQ Deval Notice Means Nothing


You know what really grinds my gears? Devaluations. You know what annoys me more? The recommendation to book now before the deval goes into effect. 

Yesterday after everyone including Kellyanne Conway reported on another hit to the points game, I searched for the unicorn of award tickets- two seats on an a380 from JFK-FRA. I started as far out as I could, mid February 2018, and worked my way back to November. To the shock of none, there weren’t any seats. In fact, in the bottom right corner there was a pop up ridiculing me with the caption ‘1200 people searched for this itinerary today ‘.

To toot my own horn, I have flown Suite Class before and the 777 from Asia and to Moscow. Consequently, it will not be the end of humanity if I can’t find another go under the old price, though the window is closing on the mile high opportunity. Still, it is irritating that the deval is coming like an unstoppable rebel force and I can’t do anything about it. It’s also disingenuous that I’m told to try. 

Anyone book a380 flights to Germany and beyond? Anyone know someone in the SQ call center? Need to get on the VIP waiting list. 


    • Clearly! Especially if youre trying to do so out of the US. My plan was to move to Europe on the day seats were available. Fate is telling me this is not in the cards. That would’ve been a better blog post.

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