No Citi AA Retention Offer: Why That’s A Good Thing


This is a first. I called to close my Citi AA Platinum Select card and waited for the retention offer. The agent said, “If I close this, I can’t reopen it.” She didn’t ask why I was closing it or anything. I said if you want to credit me the annual fee, I’ll keep it open. She replied that there were not any retention offers on this account. No 2x, no 5x, no get $95 back when you spend $1000.

It’s a relief to close the card out and not deal with another offer that I have to meet, another spend that I have to make, or another deal for points that I can’t pass up.

Sometimes this game gets tiring and I don’t feel like dealing with it. Citi made it easy for me today.

Anyone else feeling the burden of entitlement? 


  1. Sorry, and how is this a good thing? You can always say no to a retention offer if you really want to close the account. Were you transferred to a retentions specialist?

    • I just wrote how it’s a good thing. I don’t have to deal with fulfilling another offer. I’m lazy in my old age. And yes, was transferred.

  2. Entitlement is a heavy burden, but somebody has to bear it. We don’t do it for ourselves, we do it for everyone. Be proud of your sacrifice.

  3. What did you do wrong . I tried to cancel a few days ago and they offered to credit the annual fee if I made that much in purchases over the next two (or three?) months.

  4. I’ve cancelled three cards this year, (to get down to 26). Plan to cancel four of five more by EOY. If it has an AF and no clear anniversary bonus offset (award night or whatever) I’m most likely dropping it. It’s not that I’m getting out, but cancelling a few did feel good (and it had no effect on credit scores). And I’ll likely add a few in a few months.

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