Where Is TPOL’s New Home Country? Voting Now Open


Okay, so I had to get rid of the cold countries on the list, something that nomadlist.com claims it can do but just freezes instead. I lived in the frozen tundra of Mongolia so I’m not doing anything cold again. You don’t go to school for ten years to struggle through winter. I appreciate all the votes for Iceberg, Russia but Putin isn’t going to sway this election.

Here is the amended list with more comprehensive rules:

  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Less than $1500 a month to live.
  • Low Crime
  • Safe for Women
  • No Cold Weather: Did that in Mongolia, the coldest and most polluted capital in the world, and have nothing to prove now. (Ironically, the website kept freezing when I put warm/mild climate but cold entries will not count, so don’t bother voting for them.)
  • Can’t have visa hassle.
  • Voting closes on September 1st.

Happy Voting!

That's more like it.
That’s more like it.


  1. There are lots of places on your list that are cold! I’d suggest a city in your list that has a good airport with lots of good flight options.
    What do you do for a living if you dont mind asking you? You can work remotely?

    • I think the poll is updated now. And I do international and consumer dispute resolution. bachuwalaw.com, nomadresolutions.com

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