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Friday, July 19, 2024
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The Tri Rail: The Best Deal in Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Hello maties, anyone cleverly fly JetBlue from Colombia and are looking for an affordable way to get from FLL to MIA? While Uber is preferable to taxis, trains are the best for comfort and cost. The Tri-Rail leaves FLL and after only six stops and $3.75 later you are at MIA airport. If you take it north you can even get to West Palm Beach airport. Most people don’t associate south Florida with mass transit but the Tri-Rail is a comfortable, affordable option worth trying.




  1. Wow, another well-written, informative post! Who cares that you can’t actually take Tri-Rail directly from FLL, and it requires a bus shuttle transfer? Also, why would we need to know that it’s really $2.50 on the weekends, and the trains only run once an hour?

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