1. Whatever man, talk about a lame post. I think it depends on the kids and how well they are handled. I have had many more painful experiences with the adult “asshole” in the lounge who is drunk and loud or screaming at people on the phone then I think I have ever had with well behaved kids there.

    I agree 100% that parents need to be responsible for their kids and need to keep a good eye and attention on them, but assuming that is the case I think there is not reason they shouldn’t be there (when their parents pay or have status to allow them there).

    BTW I have taken my kids on Etihad First apartment flights, Emirates First and even had stewardesses congratulate us on how well behaved they were. To me just like adults it depends on the people involved and especially how much effort the parents put in.

  2. These threads are so over discussed on flyer blogs. Here’s a preview of the 50 comments you will get on this subject:

    1) My kids are perfect and never misbehave, of course they should be able to go to the lounge with me.
    2) For every 1 annoying kid there’s 10 drunk/loud/annoying business men.
    3) it’s not the kids fault, the parents are horrible people & the kids have no chance w/ parents like them.
    4) I have elite status/paid for access to the lounge so I’m bringing my 5 kids and they can act how they want because DYKWIA?!?!?!
    5) I have elite status/paid for access to the lounge so I’m entitled to a zen-like retreat in the lounge because once again, DYKWIA?!?!?!

    Then we should get a some first hand reporting about the time 10 kids were running around with paintball guns shooting up the place….which will be countered by the time 3 drunk business men brought in a few hookers and were doing blow off the buffet plates.

    • I keep track of troll comments for my annual festivus post.Next year I’ll keep track of hilarious ones. This one would be nominated.

        • Lol. You get a bag of amenity scraps, lounge passes, and dental floss. And legal representation if you get shut down by a bank for ms. Email me if you want Cathay’s kit. It includes mouthwash

  3. Yes! Travelling with 18 months old around the word in business class and all the hotel lounges!! Kids are far better than drunk adults!!

  4. Are kids allowed in Library’s? Its the same kind of concept where you have to be quiet and courteous. They are allowed in library’s but they usually have a separate kids section so maybe some of these lounges should have a separate kids area

    • Looks like your keyboard is broken or you’re being as obnoxious as the kids in the lounge. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and go with the former.

  5. I do not think this was a “lame” post rather a reoccurring issue especially in the US. Many parents use the lounge to feed their kids. allow them to roam be disruptive and loud. Hotels in Hawaii are especially bad. And yes I have kids, grown now but I can tell you they knew when traveling in club rooms that there was a certain decorum that was required. But Have to admit their Grandmother was a force there!!!

    Allowed in the lounge ok, behave required.

    • Agreed. When i was a kid i used to sneak up to the regency club in hyatt Kaanapali for the fried shrimp. How’d i do it? Id take the lift to the floor below the club, then the stairs up. I behaved myself because i didn’t want to get the boot. I call that MS…manufacturer shrimpin.

  6. That’s a negative, Ghostrider. They should not. The same as first class flights.
    Love the post. Less is more.
    @Shaun – That was awesome.

  7. I’m currently at a Hyatt Regency in Paris. Literally every party in the club lounge (except us) had multiple children. It seemed like people were buying club lounge access rooms as a way to feed their kids, cheaply. The place felt more like an Chuck E Cheese, than a Lounge.

  8. If you don’t like kids or crowds or drunk idiots then don’t go out of in public and STAY in your freakin room! No one will bother you there? But I guess we know the type of person you are if you can’t even stand your own company so you go to the lounge! Where you can bitch about others.

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