Cathay First YVR-HKG: The Next Episode


And there I was in Vancouver, Canada, former home to the infamous winger Todd Bertuzzi. The Canucks is what comes to mind when I think of British Columbia. 

Unfortunately, today would not be the day that my ignorance of what Vancouver has to offer would be changed. We were only in Vancouver to drop off passengers, swap crew, and refuel. This detour was great because the champagne continued to flow. 1482830036514014828256051125.jpg

Before taking off, the pilot informed us that the flight would be slightly longer than normal due to strong head winds. The longer the better I thought to myself.


Rested from the first leg and relieved that I did not have to spend more time taking pics of the amenity kit and the seat, I looked forward to a peaceful flight.

Here’s how I spent my time:


First, I had to finish the rest of Home Alone. Then I dove into War Dogs followed by a couple episodes of Veep.


Eat and Drink

Not to sound redundant, but damn how great is Krug?

Unlike my timid food selection on the first leg, this time I went all out and tried everything. 14828256046252.jpg



13.5 hours is a long time and the bed was too comfortable not to get in some quality zzz.

Exercise Restraint

A couple who I am sure are great people, lovely people, decided to bring their offspring into first class. For hours nonstop, the little heathens voiced their excitement for flying Cathay first by crying out. Bose headphones and mental toughness kept the flight enjoyable. Babies cry. That’s what they do. Obsessing over this fact would have been pointless.


I booked this flight way back in March before AA’s devaluation for 67,500 miles. And now, sadly, it was over. I’m not sure the next time I will fly Cathay first but at least I was able to experience it three times– HKG-ORD, JFK-YVR, and YVR-HKG.


  1. I was looking for the comments from the person from Phoenix, saying how you MUST stay longer in YVR. Must’ve worn themselves out on the prior installment. As to the screaming child, children under 2 should not be in an international first class cabin for exactly this reason. Wait, was the kid under 2? Was the offspring originally in another cabin or that the kid was a lap infant? I’d figure the latter, but these days…

    • I can’t tell how old Satan’s spawn were. I thought there was one initially but they multiplied. And then the dad kept pacing back and forth to shut the little rug rat up. That was even more snoring annoying. I neutralized the crying with the headphones but catching him come by my pod from my peripheral was more distracting. People have no sense. Lol about phx. I threw in the Canucks comment for that person.

        • Look, dear! Little Damien is screeching. Now isn’t that cute!

          My wife almost had a fit when some infant kept screeching on a ICN-ATL Korean flight in business last year. I would’ve thought the kid would sleep out of sheer exhaustion after that much crying, but no luck. And the FA’s were the ones trying to coddle the kid. The mother couldn’t be troubled.

      • Wow can you read minds TPOL? Yes I happen to be a Canucks fan, but yeah the Todd Bertuzzi incident was unfortunate – he would’ve had a great career outside of that. Also unfortunate: the Canucks not exactly competitive at this very moment.

        Keep the trip reports coming!

    • Talking about me? Nah I don’t wear myself out reading trip reports, I’m grateful for whomever gets to experience Vancouver. I think it’s a great city for vacationers and our airport does a great job.

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