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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Hyatt Regency Toronto: Please Don’t Devalue!

Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel Review is part of the TPOL in Canada Trip Report.

Getting There: Take the train from Pearson airport (see Transport Toronto: How to Get Around The North).

If you’re looking to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle, stay at the Hyatt Regency Toronto. Outside the door is bar after bar and many restaurant choices (see The Finer Things: Where to Eat & Drink in Toronto). The CN tower and waterfront are also within walking distance.Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel Review a sign on a window

a body of water with a large tower in the background
Walking along the waterfront of Lake Ontario


A standard Hyatt king is all I need when I’m traveling.a bed in a hotel room a chair and a table in a room with curtains a desk with a chair and a phone on ita coffee machine and coffee cups on a table


I will complain that the water would go from decent pressure to nonexistent. a bathroom with a sink and mirrora group of small bottles and rolled up towels a bathroom with a glass shower and toileta shower head on a tile wall


I was on the 19th floor and was almost impressed with the view because of the availability of a balcony. The “no fun” police decided that this was a safety hazard so the balcony was off limits.a room with a window and a chair a city with tall buildings a city with tall buildings a sign on a balcony with a city skyline in the backgroundHyatt Regency Toronto Hotel Review


When Hyatt devalues, it will be the end of free travel. There’s already next to zero availability with Bonvoy cash and points, and the rest of the programs aren’t handing rooms away like they used to (see Club Carlson: Where Did You Go? 6 Great Pre-Deval Redemptions). If you have Hyatt points, use them and enjoy them before we are all relegated to some stranger’s creepy Airbnb.


For 12k points and a solid location, the Hyatt Toronto is a good choice.



  1. Why the focus on devaluation? 12k is nothing spectacular for this hotel. It is a good but not outrageously good value for the couple summer dates I just checked. And, points are NOT free! They have a value.

    • I didn’t say it was spectacular. But go check out what the other brands charge for Toronto and you’ll see why I’m afraid that the eventual devalue will kill points travel. And good luck proving in arbitration that points have value, something I fight everyday.

  2. Hyatt points have always been worth WAY more than other currencies (except SPG points and in legal matters apparently). I value them at 1.67 cpp and I value IHG points at 0.46 cpp. Using that valuation, the IC is 45k=$207, and the HR is 12k=$200. Assuming the two hotels are of equal value, that seems about right to me.

    • But Hyatt is the easiest to get from doing nothing. I never got on the IHG wagon like you but may be time to start

  3. Stayed here last week. Very friendly staff but found a knat in the coffee creamer and a staple in napkin. Property itself is ok but needs a refresh. The washrooms are super tight, even for the suite we were staying in.

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