Transport Toronto: How to Get Around The North


Transport Toronto is part of the TPOL in Canada Trip Report.

Some cities like Sydney have great transport to and from the airport. Other cities, like NYC, have awful transport. Toronto Pearson is somewhere in the middle. To get to the Kimpton St. George hotel, I first took the Union Pearson Express and then took the metro the rest of the way.

Get off at Bloor and walk to Dundas Station.

From there, I had the “pleasure” of taking Toronto’s mass transit system. If you thought New York’s subway needed upgrades, visit Toronto’s. While the coins for getting on board are cute, they are not functional and, up until recently, were easily counterfeited. Despite its age, the metro is a convenient choice for getting around Toronto and is much better than hailing a taxi. (Toronto should be added to my list, “Taxi my friend?” The Worst Places to Hail a Cab.)

The alternative is to take Uber. Or if it’s a nice summer day, you can simply walk. That’s the best option once you are downtown.

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