Jongro: Best Korean BBQ NYC?


Best Korean BBQ NYC is part of the ongoing TPOL in NYC trip report.

My favorite food when I lived in Mongolia was Uzbek. My second favorite was Korean. Even with only a few tugs, I was still able to have a hearty dinner. That’s thanks in large part to the countless side dishes that come at no additional cost. Anytime I was short of kimchi or the additional small plates of treats, I would hit the buzzer and it would be replenished. It’s a buffet of goodness that only ends when I stay stop.

Fast forward to years later and I still love Korean BBQ. I tried it in San Juan but came away hungry and pressured to tip. If I’m in New York and am in the mood for a big dinner instead of a bowl of pho, I head to Korea Town for my fill.

Specifically, I go to Jongro. Unlike my pho reviews, I can’t definitely say this is the best Korean BBQ in NYC, but I also don’t want to risk disappointment since this one is so damn korean bbq nyc

For around $100, a party of two receives tons of meat, beer, rice, and the lethal soju. The experience consists of eating, drinking, and occasionally hitting the buzzer if the macaroni salad is not refilled promptly. All of it is enjoyed with K-pop music blaring out of the speakers.

I’m open to suggestions for other great places, but it will be difficult to go anywhere else.

TPOL’s TIP: Jongro is located at 22 W 32nd St Fl 2, New York, NY 10001, USA and closes at 2AM.


  1. Jongro is definitely an awesome KBBQ spot, I’d recommend trying Baekjeong NYC as well, I personally liked it a little bit better, even though it’s a chain.

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