The Finer Things: Where to Eat & Drink in Toronto


Eat & Drink Toronto is part of the TPOL in Canada Trip Report.

Kawhi wanted to go home. Had he stayed in Toronto he could have had food and drink, among other things, for free.

There are tons of choices for great food and drink. The first on my list is Sassafraz because it is in my favorite neighborhood of Yorkville. The second, Coffee Oysters Champagne, is the perfect place for those looking to indulge on the finest treats of life.


I used to come here years ago. This time, I could not find the restaurant and was convinced that it had closed. Indeed, it is still open but the iconic yellow paint has been replaced by a gloomy green. After confirming I was in the right place, I ordered a perfectly made Caesar, a double espresso, and halibut tacos.

While the charming yellow paint is gone, the delicious food and drink still remain.

TPOL’S TIP: Sassafraz is located at 100 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R 1A6

Coffee Oysters Champagne (COC)

Since moving to Puerto Rico, I have not been motivated to travel. Then I stumble upon places like COC when I finally leave the island and recall why I like exploring. On an aimless stroll from the Hyatt Regency Toronto, I came upon this clever bar and restaurant which serves three of my favorites: Coffee, Oysters, and Champagne.

Coffee: I’m tempted to purchase a manual espresso maker. I love my Nespresso machine, but it does not compare to freshly made coffee.

Champagne: I didn’t expect the place to be inexpensive but that’s quite the price for one glass of Krug.

I stuck with the reasonable rosé for $15 CAD a glass.

Oysters: East Coast vs. West 

I tried both but unlike hip-hop, I prefer my oysters from the east coast.

COCC? Add in Cigar to the name and I would have stayed for hours more.

TPOL’s TIP: Coffee Oysters Champagne is located at 214 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3S6


Kawhi had so many places to eat and drink in Toronto. These are two unique choices that I would gladly frequent, especially if it’s free.


  1. One of the better small commercial quality espresso machines is the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II. Large boiler, quality construction, stylish and only about $1,295. You can either grind or use ESP. Pulls a nice shot and the steam is very dry for a small machine.

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