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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Complaint Of The Day: Hotel to Airport Shuttles

I’m getting back to NY through the most asinine routing I could find, just to save a few dollars. The trip went Montana through Denver with a twelve-hour layover, all on the worst airline, Frontier.

The hotels around Denver airport are insanely priced. I’m lucky I was able to use cash and points to stay at the Hyatt House which is located in an isolated area ten minutes from the airport. The hotel is nice enough, but the isolation was murder creepy.

Anyhow, I scheduled a 9AM pick up for the airport. I’m always paranoid about missing my flight so I prefer to go earlier. 901 went by. Then 902. 903 passed and finally we got going.

Three minutes is not normally a big deal if you’re going to the airport on time. If you’re late, these extra minutes can add up. Beyond the precious seconds ticking away, I get more annoyed with the lack of urgency from drivers. Three minutes could easily turn into ten. Add on having to stop at different terminals and you may end up in a panic situation.





  1. There is an easy solution if you assume that there will be delays – schedule your shuttle 15 minutes earlier and when you get to airport celebrate with a coffee (or beverage of your choice) and spare the anxiety from trying to hedge your efficiency against someone else’s inefficiency.

  2. Far more annoying is the trip from the airport to the hotel. You have to wait in the freezing cold (in winter) with no knowledge of what your hotel’s shuttle will look like for up to 45 minutes. Hotels never seem to be prepared to timetable that part of the journey.

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