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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Stop Going to the Bar Jerks!

Remember those clowns who told me that coronavirus was nothing, that TPOL was killing the economy by not traveling, that the flu kills more people, that this was an invention of the media, and on and on and on? I do (see Thank You Delta: Coronavirus Waiver). As this pandemic spreads, I don’t hear from those idiots anymore. What I do see are jerks going to the bar, drinking coronas, and thinking that getting the virus won’t affect them. While the chances of dying from this virus are very low for most people, especially the young, that doesn’t mean that people should be acting so recklessly.

Why? Because if you contract the virus and you come into contact with an elderly person or someone with a preexisting condition, you could infect that person. And that person may not fare as well as you. It is time to be paranoid about this pandemic. It is time to practice social distancing. It is not time to be a jerk and post photos on Instagram of you in a crowded place yelling lame shit like, “YOLO!”

Worst case is that TPOL is wrong, is overreacting, and we all live.

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Puerto Rico is doing it the right way by implementing a curfew.


  1. Yeah and who cares how those employees are going to make April’s rent??? I guess you will support the entire world when the homeless population surges. Of course you will still get in a car. If everyone stopped driving 100s of thousands of lives would be saved.

    Bottomline is is mother earth’s way of taking care of an over populated world…

    • Then the post the next day saying I cancelled. Only good thing about lockdown is people like you have to stay inside.

  2. Except there is no lockdown. Coming back today from great cheap family vacation to mexico. So much fun. So cheap. Plus kept people employed airlines, hotels, restaurants.

    Of course you will be the first pushing to take advantage of everything once the bottom falls out and tons of people have lost jobs, careers, houses, etc.

    In my industry I’m not at risk, so yeah I do give a crap about all the people this will impact financially.

    But hey keep gawking credit cards so you can get paid…

  3. Yeah, really, which is it? The travel ban is stupid or we should just stop doing anything whatsoever? People had better get a grip real quick on just how many of our freedoms we are willing to sacrifice to stem this thing. Why the hell don’t we just ban all old people from going out, wouldn’t that be easier.

    • I think that’s what is next. My golf course just got shutdown. I’ll sacrifice my liberties for life. Problem is who can we trust?

      • Also, what you’re seeing on this blog is my reaction to the inconsistent information. I wrote about keep, cancel, keep etc. In terms of the travel ban, it was stupid because it was unilateral and didn’t initially include the UK. It also, on its own, does little to stop the spread when for months we knew about this and did nothing to prepare.

        I don’t think anyone should rely on blogs on whether to travel or stay home. That is asinine. That’s why there’s the CDC. But, I will share my thoughts on the situation. That’s why I have a blog in the first place. No one is forcing anyone to read it, though with no sports I dare you to find better entertainment than the clowns who make nonsense comments.

  4. So here is an example of why it’s not a great idea to go out in public more than needed. I recently was laid off and picked a poor time to be unemployed with the economic meltdown. In an effort to make lemon-aid out of lemons I almost booked a cruise on MSC leaving on March 8th out of Miami. As it got closer and closer I was waiting for the price to drop and it did. I decided that I wasn’t afraid of getting sick on the cruise but was worried we’d miss ports, air travel would be a hassle and maybe even worse logistics issues so I didn’t book it. Well guess what. An infected guy got off that cruise ship on the 8th and potentially infected over 3,000 people that got on the next cruise (the one I almost booked) and the ship had port issues and air travel was what you saw all over social media over the weekend. It paid to stay close to home for sure. I will sit here and plan my next trip and the travel industry will recover, mostly. An not I’m not going to a bar, I’m not blaming Trump and I’ll try to support the local economy however I can. Oh and I’d think golf would be a fairly safe activity so it’s weird they would shut down the golf course but of course I saw a bunch of old folks at our local community YMCA this morning which IS dumb.

  5. As someone who owns a bar, my perspective is a little more nuanced. While I won’t bore you with the details, at my place we’ve taken a number of steps well beyond what’s required of us. If either people choose to not come in or the government shuts us down for a month or even two, the business will be hurting a good deal but will survive. The problem is, I’m not so sure about my people. Sure I can help them some for maybe a month, but there’s simply no way that I can come close to replacing the full amount of their lost wages and tips while the business is drawing zero income. If the government is willing to pay out unemployment to people for the duration of the emergency, I’d say you’re right. If not, how are people supposed to get food? I suppose you could blame me for not paying vastly higher amounts to them or blame them for not saving their money, but the fact is that blame won’t put food on the table. Wanting to be generous but simply not having the resources to do so is rough.

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